Ludith Tinklewise

Physical TraitsEdit

A young, very pale female gnome, she looks weak and fragile.

If you look at her closely, you'll see that her hair was originally green -like her father's-, but she dyes it black, as her mother's. The dark shadows under her serious brown eyes speak of sleepless nights.

Race and ClassEdit

Female gnome, Warlock.


The Dark Embrace


Student at the Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences in Stormwind. She pays her bills aiding at Duncan's Textiles in the Mage Quarter, and when she needs to relax, she goes away on a fishing trip.


Her parents left her with a dwarven family in Loch Modan when they went to Gnomeregan. When her father came out alone, to die soon afterwards, everyone assumed that her mother had found death aswell, so Ludith was adopted by the family she had been left her with, the Dunhammer.


Ludith adored her mother, a warlock, and she promised herself that she would dedicate her life to become someone her mother could be proud of, and so turned to the books in search of knowledge and power.

When the youngest daughter of her adoptive family decided to move to Ironforge and become a paladin, Ludith followed her and started studying from the warlocks. Having heard about the Arcane Academy of Arts and Sciences, she decided to move to Stormwind, where she lives now.

Criminal RecordEdit

Clean, as far as the law enforcers know.

Current StatusEdit

Dissapeared ((I won't be playing WoW for a long while)).

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