Alliancecrest small Loutet Marton
WoWScrnShot 050611 172722
Title(s) Demon Fanatic
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Warlock
Age 37
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Status Alive


Loutet looks to be a woman of about 40, give or take a few years..

Her hair changes.

Looks wise, she is average.. when hidden by magical illusions.

When not hidden, she is covered in mutations of various degrees of disgusting. Her arms are covered in scaled skin. Rough to the touch and ugly. Her finger tips are clawed and yellow. Her shoulders, neck and the left side of her face are also starting to 'scale up'. Her left eye is completly green. Her thighs are covered in self 'drawn' tattoo's and runic markings. Across her back she has Demonic style runes carved in. These cannot have been done by her own hands.

Recently she has recieved a few more scars to her already large repetoire of scars. A thin scar runs from her neck, up over her chin, over her lips and stops at the tip of her nose. A hand shaped burn mark rests in the centre of her back, but this has been adorned with more scars to make it 'pretty'.

She is normally disguised with many levels of magical illusions, because she isnt an idiot.

The stench of Fel around Lou is normally easy to detect.. for those that can detect such things.

Traits and PersonalityEdit

  • Lou is quick to judge, slow to trust and hard to please.
  • Her personality is often volatile and can change in an instant. It all depends on who she is keeping company with at the time.
  • She is attracted to those with equal or more power to that of herself.

Brief HistoryEdit

Born 37 years ago in Westfall.

She was brought up on a farm with her parents and an older sister.

Mother was a Shadowmancer. Was discovered to be as such by a tip off from the older sister. The mother was executed.

Lou saught to follow in her mother's footsteps and as soon as she was old enough, she left the farm to join the mages in Stormwind.

By night, she'd go to local libraries and 'research' slightly less legal magics. For months she kept this up in secret until she attracted the attention of people she really shouldnt have.

They promised to teach her shadowmancy, but they lied. She was instead instructed in Fel and Demonology. From the age of 16 to the present day, she has been practising in Fel and this has taken a horrible toll on her body and mind.

At the age of 21, she had a child after sleeping with the man her sister loved in some act of jealous revenge. She gave this child up.

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