Name Edit

Loda Scrambleshot

Physical Traits Edit

Loda has tanned skin and a brown moustache that points upwards. He is very well built, even by Dwarven standards and stands at average dwarven height.

Race and ClassEdit

Dwarf Gunner (Hunter)

Guild Edit


Occupation Edit

Is a freelance mercenary, going wherever great rewards take him.


No family that he knows of. An orphan all his life.

Background Edit

Loda was born near Loch Modan and it was there he would live, learning the ways of the hunter. He has recently moved to Ironforge seeking work and it was there he saw a fight between Ulgarf and a mysterious women. He now seeks to find this women to join her ranks of whatever she is in charge of!

Family Background Edit

Little known about his family.

Criminal Record Edit

Loda has been involved in s string of murders, mainly crime lords and corrupt nobles.

Personal Notes Edit

Darkstar Rifle Mk-666 - Loda knows little of this rilfe except that it glows with a dark energy and is considerably powerful!

Greedy Mercenary - Loda follows whereever power and richs take him, he always looks to get the best out of a deal and only accepts jobs he knows he will get played alot for.

Current Status Edit


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