Lobar and Admiral in the Mage's Quarter

Name Edit

Lobar Joltspark

Physical TraitsEdit

Lobar is short, slender and pale, even for a gnome. His usual clothes are extravagant and very expensive looking, mostly purple with gold embrodiering. He carries a satchel dangling over his shoulder, which smells faintly of arcane powder and other magical reagents.

Ever present at his side is a blue-purplish parrot, which he refers to as "Admiral".

Race and ClassEdit

Gnomish mage.


Former member of the now disbanded The People's Militia for 10 months, where he held the position of accountant. Former councilmember of the old "The Wild Rose Society", in the position of head of commerce, and later as consigliere. Currently administrator and representative for the Venture Co.


As an administrator and representative, he handles much of the accounting and inter-guild relations of the Venture Co Stormwind/Ironforge branch. Also has a hobby making pocket watches.


Only child of his parents, whom he hasn't had any contact with for years.


Lobar studied at the University of Gnomeregan, receiving top grades in most subjects.

When he was finished with his education, he left home to travel the world. While doing this, he earned a decent sum of money doing odd jobs for people, mostly deliveries, some accounting, and even a bit of detectivework.

After pursuing this lifestyle for a few years, he joined the People's Militia, although he also began to work the market with his new economic base. He worked his way up the rank ladder for 7 months, and made enormous amounts of money through both legal, and less legal means. He retired from the military ranks, but stayed in the militia as their accountant and attorney, notably in the defense of Tom Ritéll AKA Quiltain.

He remained in that position until commander Minetha E. Nightingale's untimely death, whereafter he joined the Wild Rose Society. During the last weeks of the militia, he was absent, as his bank account in Booty Bay had been robbed, leaving him in excess of 500 gold pieces poorer, and with a huge outstanding debt. He was forced to pawn and sell most of his possessions, including his two houseboats in Theramore. He travelled most of Azeroth in search of the culprits, and eventually confronted the bastards, regaining most of his former wealth, minus some fifty gold the robbers spent on wine & women.

Criminal RecordEdit

Squeaky clean.

Personal Notes Edit

Lobar is a mercenary at heart, and can almost always be swayed with a suitable amount of gold.

Current Status Edit

Helping the Venture Company expand their operations in the Eastern Kingdoms while filling his own pockets, trying to teach Admiral to speak, and experimenting how far he can stretch his morality.

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