Name Edit

Dr. Liluria Tollingbell-Coldtwist.

Physical Traits Edit

A female gnome with short silver hair and big blue eyes, will always be seen dressed in matching outfits. Wears a wedding ring with a blue diamond, cut as an ice shard, and a silver locket around her neck. Liluria rides a white horse, and is always followed by a Mechanical Yeti with a pink ribbon in its fur.

Race and ClassEdit

Gnome mage.

Occupation Edit

Chemist of the Royal Apothecary Society of Stormwind

Official Alchemist and potion brewer of the Dragonslayers

Fashion designer

Knight of the Alliance.




Mother: Annalinda Sparklespoon-Tollingbell, resident of Tinker Town.

Father: Kasmon Tollingbell, deceased.

Brother: Kastagir Tollingbell, resident of Ironforge.

Husband: Garzafoss Coldtwist, resident of Ironforge.

Cousins: Leloo and Lolee Tinkstorm, unknown residence. (she will most likely deny she even knows them)

Background Edit

Liluria's father, Kasmon, died in an unfortunate work accident during the testing of the Deeprun Tram service. He was actually drunk out of his brain and wandering in search for his tools when the tram ran over him. Her mother, a strong willed gnome, sent her to the arcanist school in Stormwind, while her estranged brother, Kastagir, trained as a warrior in Dun Morogh first, in Ironforge after. Liluria has developed an interest for chemistry trying to help Kastagir in the downtimes of his "embarassing condition": a mental disease that makes him forget everybody, occasionally swear at them, call out random lies and seeing...chickens. They've been travelling across the continents and earned a small fortune adventuring, then settled down in Ironforge, where Liluria set up her own alchemy lab and developed her skills. She is now one of the most prominent chemists in Azeroth. She has a keen interest for a possible cure of the Plague, which lead to her becoming a member of the Royal Apothecary Society. and recently became interested in the Silithid population. Rumors has it that she's working on an essay with her colleague and friend, Professor Berdrin Stormspanner. She is married to Garzafoss Coldtwist, and spends her time between their residence in Ironforge and her laboratory in Stormwind.

Criminal Record Edit


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