Lightwalker and his buddy

Name Edit

Rufus Lightwalker.

Physical Traits Edit

He has long red hair and seems quite happy to be wearing rags.

Race and ClassEdit

Blood elf Rogue

Guild Edit


Occupation Edit

Beggar and drunkard


Lightwalker has been disowned by his family.

Background Edit

After splitting up with his only girlfriend, Lightwalker took up drinking and gave up on life. Lightwalker is too lazy to take up magical studies, and spends his time drunk, or wishing he was drunk.

Criminal Record Edit

  • Records of begging (8)
  • Records of petty theft (6)
  • Drunk and disorderly (29)

Personal Notes Edit

Lightwalker hangs around the Silvermoon City Inn, begging from passersby and spending the cash on beer and wine.

Current Status Edit

Begging. Or asleep.

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