Liaka Lothar

Physical TraitsEdit

Liaka is a human. she is an attractive blonde and is 16years old.






Father- Kil'jaeden lorthar(now undead)

Mother- Mael Haari (died in the plague)

Brother- Turacus lorthar (killed in combat)


Liaka was an orphan. She survived by stealing money from people in goldshire. At the age of 10 she stole a dagger from a weponsmith. She practiced daily with this dagger and eventuly was so skilled she gave no one she was killing time to react she was very fast. A man came up to her and asked her to kill Lord Hector Mereel in Lordaeron. This proved a difficult first task becuase it was an army meeting fulled of armed soldiers and generals. She managed to kill both Lord Hector Mereel and his wife.Just as she pulled her daggers from the corpses of her victums the scourge launched a massive attack on Lordaeron killing everyone in it. Luckily liaka escaped using her stealthy ways. Since then she has more and more work every day.

Family BackgroundEdit

Liaka's father was a Captian of the legion for 5years in which he killed 57231 horde members and 183 horde generals. Her mother was an extremely actrative woman. She met liaka's farther on one of his raids and stuck with him ever since. She was very skilled with a cavelry sabre having served in the legions cavelry unit.

Personal InformationEdit


Criminal RecordEdit

Arrested 5times under the name "Aegwynn" and charged of murder and stealing 18times.

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