Personal DataEdit

Full name: Lhylia Greystroke Silverwood

Daughter of Eddard Greystroke, Captain of the Silver Hand, deceased.

Grandaughter of Zaharus Greystroke, Grand Marshall of the Silver Hand, deceased.

Physical TraitsEdit

Taller than the average human, and extremely muscular, this girl is found oftenly frowning, her features frozen in a mask of disdain, as if she had juded the world and found it guilty of something.

Lhylia's voice, however, is silken and sounds like that of a young girl's, despite her looks. When she speaks, her expression changes completely, looking sweet and innocent.

There's a leather harness on her back, holding several weapons and a shield, most of them covered in cloth. However, she walks as if the weight of them is unexistant.


Wandering Knight


Despite her looks, Lhylia is a sweet and innocent girl, that used to have strong beliefs in The Holy Light. Eager to follow her father's and grandfather's steps, she entered the Holy Order of The Silver Hand, only to find out the realities of war, instead of glory and honor.

With her dreams broken, and no family alive but her cousin, Lashela Alania, whom which had a very unstable relationship, she wandered through the alliance lands, trying to find a goal for her life. After trying to solve problems way too big for her, alone, Lhylia realized that she was just a girl, not a hero.

Considering that law enforcement was a task honorable enough for her strong arm to work for, she joined The Peoples' Militia and gave her best in something she believed in, until the assassination of Minetha Nightingale.

After a second crisis of faith, she moved to Aerie Peak in the Winterlands, living somewhat of a confined life, trying to find herself again, and perfecting her smithing ability. Unable to find an answer, she decided to fight The Scourge. However, she early noticed that they were not only too big of an enemy for her alone, but she had also lost her own ability to tap the sources of power of The Light.

Close to find an early death in The Plaguelands, she was saved on the verge of death by Lashela, whom, despite her differences, cared deeply for her "sister". She taught her the basics of The Shadows, a philosophy and religion loosely based on the principles of The Holy Light, which Lhylia embraced fully. She now wanders through the Eastern Kingdoms, but she seems to have a goal, now.

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