Name Edit

Gwendolein Stoneshaper, but better known as Leintje Leintje's mother - Tilma Stoneshaper chose this name because of its meaning: fair and blessed.

Physical Traits Edit

Like most dwarves Leintje is rather short and curvy - although voluptuous might be a better word. If you'd ask Leintje what she likes best about her own appearances she would definitely tell you that's her long, brown, braided hair (it also twirls around when she's casting spells!)

Race and Class Edit

Dwarf, Priest

Occupation Edit

Leintje thoroughly enjoys enchanting. Although she's only a Journeywoman Enchanter right now, she's working to improve her skills! Her second occupation is mining - it seems to be a family business! Leintje does enjoy being outdoors while mining but detests the fact that her hands always get so dirty during the process of mining.

Family Background Edit

Most people know Leintje as the long lost sister of Hildegarde. When Hildegarde left her home to get trained as a priest she had no clue that her mother was expecting. Tilma didn't want to worry Hildegarde so she kept it a secret. Their mother always wanted the best for her children and was so proud of Hildegarde when she left for her quest that she couldn't stand the thought of maybe keeping her home. Unfortunately, right after Tilma gave birth to Leintje, members of the Horde invaded her home and brutally murdered the new mother, leaving the baby for dead. Thank God - a human found the newborn child and took it to the orphanage in Stormwind. This is where Leintje grew up - so close to the Cathedral of Light, it seems only natural for her to become a Priest. Unlike her sister, Hildegarde, Leintje decided to become a Shadow Priest and make sure those who harmed her and her family will be punished. Even though she is after revenge, Leintje is actually a very loving and caring young lady. Maybe a little too loving and caring sometimes, people have called her rather naive in the past. Leintje always knew she had a sister called Hildegarde, and as soon as she was old enough to leave the orphanage she started her search for Hildegarde. When she finally found her - and her long lost brother Lodegarde!- , the reunion was magnificent. They've been spending most of their time together ever since. Today they are all living in Stormwind.

Criminal Record Edit

No criminal record about Gwendolein.

Personal Notes Edit

Leintje realizes she still has a lot of work ahead of her if she ever wants to step out of the shadows of her sister. She is determined to earn the respect of the cartel and the Alliance. Because of that she might, quite frequently, appear to be stressed out. This only confirms the fact that Leintje is very driven and eager to reach her full potential and be the best Priest she can be.

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