The Peoples' Militia Edit

See: The Peoples' Militia

The Peoples Miltia disbanded on 27th October 2006 following the successful conclusion of ten months service guarding Stormwind. The laws were handed over to the successor of Militia - The Stormwind Militia.

The Stormwind Militia Edit

See: The Stormwind Militia

Successor of the Peoples' Militia, lead by Dakatar Methar.

Crime in Azeroth: A Guide Edit

These laws should be considered an encouragement for other guilds to use in their interaction with eachother. Check out who is on our list, in the next post and give them the crime of their lives, then see if they report it to us. We don't force anyone to obey these laws. If you seriously don't want to obey the rules, we won't do anything about it. These are for you to follow or not. But if you don't, don't expect us to give you any value as a criminal. *smiles*

Notice that the more work and the more RP a crime demands; the larger the penalties. We could penalize a serious crime like murder (or we could include such a serious thing as !#!!), but these are crimes that would not give much to the roleplaying community. A wellplanned bankrobbery however, with the gathering of information, resources, escape plannings etc.. that deserves a real penalty. Just finding the right time of day for the actual robbery to take place would be hard: It cant be to much lag, and there still has to be some militants and other witnesses to see the crime.

Roleplay the whole situation if you need to report a crime, dont just send an ooc whisper, thats not the point. If you have to yell: At least include a small ooc note for where you are calling from.

If you commit a crime, you will get a criminal record. The criminal record will stick with you for a long time, and may be a burden in the future.

If you do not approve of the laws and are charged with a crime by a militant, please whisper the Militant and we will not bother you (ever) again. We only wish to enhance the roleplay atmosphere of Steamwheedle Cartel, not to harass anyone.

The Peoples' Militia Laws Edit

Chapter 1: Matters of Violence

§1: Assault, on a citizen: 2 markings and a 3 silver fine. Also, paying for any medical costs.

§2: Assault, on a militant: 2 markings and a 5 silver fine. Also, paying for any medical costs.

§3: Brawls, inside an inn: 1 marking and a fine of 3 silver to any innkeeper. Full payment of any broken inventory of the Inn. Also, paying for any medical costs.

§4: Brawls, outside: 2 markings and a 3 silver fine. Also, paying for any medical costs.

§5: Murder, attempted: 5 markings and a trial (markings for the record, trial for the immediate punishment). Eyewitnesses needed to prosecute the case.

§6: Murder, committed: 10 markings and a trial (markings for the record, trial for the immediate punishment). Eyewitnesses needed to prosecute the case.

§7: Spells, Casting on buildings: 2 markings and a fine of 10 silver. This applies to all harmful spells targeted on buildings. The cities of Azeroth have great architecture, make sure they're kept that way.

Chapter 2: Matters of Lost Property

Clarification: All the crimes in this chapter applies if the criminal is caught in an attempt at commiting it. The penalty is the same as if the crime was successful.

§1: Burglary: 3 markings. Refunding stolen possessions.

§2: Robbery, of a citizen: 3 markings. Fine of 5 silver to the victim and 3 silver to the Militia. Refunding stolen possessions.

§3: Robbery, of an official instances: 4 markings. Can be trialed. Needs eyewitnesses. Refunding stolen possessions.

§4: Theft, major (from player character not in the Militia): 4 markings. Refunding stolen possessions.

§5: Theft, minor (from player character not in the Militia): 2 markings. Refunding stolen possessions.

§6: Theft, pickpocketing (from player character not in the Militia): 1 marking and a fine of 5 silver. Refunding stolen possessions.

Chapter 3: Matters of Disorder

§1: Blasphemy, The Light: 1 markings and a 3 silver fine. Must be witnessed by a militant. Only applies to within and around the Cathedral of Light.

§2: Blasphemy, Elune: 1 marking and a 3 silver fine. Must be witnessed by a militant. Only applies to the Moonwell, and it's surrounding areas. Swimming in the Moonwell is forbidden.

§3: Arrest, resisting: 1 marking and a 3 silver fine. The Militia are not responsible for the consequences of any violenct actions.

§4: Fire, Making: 3 silver fine (1 marking if repeated). Anyone who lights a fire in the streets should be politely directed to the nearest Inn or the outside of the city. Our buildings can easily burn down if the fire spreads, and the fire litters the streets.

§5: Arson: 4 markings and a 10 silver fine. Paying for any damage.

Chapter 4: Matters of War

§1: Attack on City, Hostile In the event of a hostile attack/siege of the City all Militants are to secure all civillians inside the Command Center. Some Militants are to secure the entrance of the barracks. The Militia is a neutral group, and should not attack any member of the Horde, unless in self-defense, or the defense of the (unarmed) citizens.

§2: Treason All matters of political and external nature are to be ignored by all Militants. We are in a neutral position. Treason inside the Militia will be treated with case-sensitively.

Chapter 5: Matters of Crime

§1: Kidnapping, of citizen: 8 markings and a 20 silver fine.

§2: Kidnapping, of militant: 7 markings and a 20 silver fine.

§3: Blackmail: 5 markings and a 10 silver fine.

§4: Extortion: 8 markings and a 10 silver fine. Refunding exorted possesions.

§5: Embezzlement: 5 markings and a 10 silver fine. Refunding embezzled possesions.

§6: Smuggling: 7 markings and a 20 silver fine. Possible ban from the Stormwind Auction House.

Chapter 6: Matters of Conspiracy

§1: Eavesdropping: 2 markings. This can not be reported. A militant must catch the eavesdropper in the act. (Which means this law only applies to a meeting where a militant is present.) Eavesdropping from a far is possible. This law applies if you actually get noticed by a militant while you sneak up on him.

§2: Conspiracy: 2-10 markings (depending on crime conspired). Conspiracy is an agreement of two or more people to commit a crime.

§3: Impersonating, Militant: 3 markings and a 10 silver fine. If a citizen is found impersonating a militant more than once he will be fined the double amount the second time. The third time this amount will be doubled again, and so forth.

§4: Perjury: 2 markings and a 20 silver fine. A Militant giving a false report will be demoted to a Recruit.

The Appendixes Edit

Appendix A - Punishments:

On spot punishments:

  • Criminal record
  • 3 silver fine
  • 5 silver fine
  • 10 silver fine
  • Markings

Severe punishments:

  • Community Service - 5 markings
  • Public Humiliation - 10 markings
  • Trial - 20 markings

Possible trial-ordered punishments:

  • Fines
  • Community Service
  • Public Humiliation
  • Jail-time
  • Ban
  • Outlaw
  • Public Execution

Apendix B - Punishment Clarifications:

Community Service: The criminal is put to work a whole day under the watching eye of a militant.

Public Humiliation: Holding the criminal clamped in the courtyard, shouting to the public, to make sure they will be wary of him. May include small doses of violence and rotten vegetables.

Jail-time: An event ran by the Militia where we lock up criminals and make sure they pay for their crimes. Lousy food, dark cellars, inmates, visitors, daring escapes, interrogations!

Ban: Banned from City for a designated period, re-entering the city is a crime. ((use costumes and disguises!))

Outlawed: Banned from city eternally, re-entering the city is a crime.

More importantly, than re-entering being a crime is that The law does not protect banned or outlawed criminals, while they're in the city. (this means that anyone can do anything to them and will not be prosecuted)

After the Ban/Outlaw period or the interrogation you will return to 0 marking points. But you will still be in our system. And we will keep an eye on you.

Public Execution: Most severe penalty possible. This is not lightly given. ((The criminal in question must give OOC consent to being killed, and staying dead)) Only given in the most severe of cases.

Appendix C - Trials:

Trials will be held against someone that has consistently broken laws and gained a minimum of 20 markings. The Militia will gather witnesses against the criminals drawn from his victims.

A date will be set where the trial is to be held. All witnesses will be heard in front of a representative of the law and the criminal will be judged thereafter. The nature of the crime will determine if the criminal is either judged by a judge, the Commander or a jury consisting of selected citizens of Stormwind. (Cannot have a criminal record and must support the Militia)

((Note: A trial will demand a lot of the Militia in the course of arrangements so it will only be granted to truly notorius criminals. Notorius does not mean: bombing the office repeatedly. The crimes will need to be committed against regular citizens (attacking Militants wont have any affect) and they must show a certain flavour of threat to the city's safety.))

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