Name Edit

Latona Shadowsong

Physical Traits Edit

Latona is a thin white haired night elf. Her pale eyes sparkle a little like stars and the three markings on her face shimmer in a simmilar way. She is 9000 years old born 1000 years after the first battle against the burning legion. She is a lot like her aunt Meiv, ( who is currently missing ) Strong bold and fearless. Her father Jerod Shadowsong is classed as a minor night elf leader for his militery service in the war of the anciants. For this she can seem a little stuck up and is heard saying things like "Do you know who I am?" or even "Begone I do not meddle with those beneath me". She hates walking around Ironforge and stormwind as she feels the streets are unsafe and is often guarded while walking these cities. She worships Cenarion more than Elune and was devistaed at his death.

Race and ClassEdit

Night elf (kaladorei) Warden of the watches (her aunt is responsible for her high ranks)

Guild Edit

Occupation Edit

She is a warden but is currently learning how to tame wild animals in helping her. She likes no REAL work as she has been brough up without. Her father often encourages her to be more outgoing.


Aunt- Meiv shadowsong, famous warden(watcher) known for following Illidan to outland.

Father-Jerod Shadowsong, Minor night elf leader known for his servic at the war of the anciants

Mother- Serlina Shadowsong, Sentinal

Background Edit

Born 1000 years after the first invasion of the burning crusade she felt she had missed out on a lot of excitment. She was brought up in the Stonetalon moutains and other places around Ashenvale. When she was little over 15 human years her aunt trained her to become a watcher. She passed all the requirements needed and eventualy got stuck looking after Illidan. She bears a large scar down her side where she was struck by a sentinal under the command of Tyrande for this she loaths Tyrande allmost as much as her aunt. After Illidan escaped she spent some time repairing the barrow prisons She helped her aunt chase Illidan up intil their meeting with the bloodelves where her father demanded her home at the news of tyrandes death (Tyrande obviously wasn't realy dead it was just a story made up by her aunt) During this time she trained as a hunter to learn how to use animals to aid her in battle.

Family Background Edit

Criminal Record Edit

Include or omit acording to the case.

Personal Notes Edit

Current Status Edit

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