Name Edit

Lash Rouxed

Physical Traits Edit

A stout- red haired man with a big beard which he favors

Race and ClassEdit

Human Paladin

Guild Edit

The Crusader Empire

Occupation Edit

Smith and Miner, also, his gentleman code forbig him to be a bad cook.


Father: Raymond Rouxed Mother: Lyne Rouxed

Background Edit

Borned in Andorhal, he was part of the Proudmoore exile band and went into the hear of Kalimdor where the Scourge attacked. Having fought and mortally wounded during the battles with the Scourge at the top of mount Hyjal, he developed a kind bond with the night elves with whom he lived for 2 years and whom took care of him. Learning the ways of the hunter and the of the druid, he was refered as Elven friend by many. His wounds healed, he decided to become a smith and went to the great Dwarven city of Ironforge and learned ot be a great smith at the hands of some great Dwarven masters. Seeing the sky coulding, and the apparence of Necropolis over the major cities all around Azeroth, he decided to retake his hammer and went into battle once again. The world had changed tough, the Horde was now treathning on his doorsteps and he decided to become what he once was, a palladin. Under the gaze of his mentor, Baxutai, he became a major element in the fight against the Scourge and the horde. Searching for his Emperor now, he is part of the Alterac Valley 101th regiment and his fighting against the horde, with hopes of finnally ending the war once and for all.

Family Background Edit

Nothing is known of Lash parents besides their names ( his memories seems to be too painful to talk about them). One day tough he stumble upon a elven Lady named Natallie, which whom he had fought ages ago at the top of mountian Hyjal. Both became war-buddies and developped love for each others

Current Status Edit

Vice-emperor and defend of the throne of Emperor Baxutai of the Crusader Empire

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