Personal Status

Birth Name: Garnet
Legal Name: Kyoko Tokiwa
Relationship Status: Single
Age: 20 (Human Years, You work the rest out.)
Race and Class: Night Elf, Rogue. Weeaboo marysue.

Family Members:-
Real Mother: Jane Tokiwa, Died in the storm trying to get off the island.
Father: Unknown, whereabouts also unknown.
First Foster Mother She Had: Tyrande Whisperwind, Dead. - TIME PARADOX
Foster Mother: Farleen Nightshade, Possibly Dead.
Other Foster Mother: Xania, Alive.
Sister: Kairi Tokiwa, Murdered.
Second Sister: Lindy, Alive.
Brother: Damién Tokiwa, Alive.
Daugther: Illiana, Alive.
The Daughters Father: Derrin Ránér, Dead.


Eyes: Her eyes shine, but less then normal night elves eyes do, they seem sort of pale. If you gaze into them for long enough, you may see some sort of sadness.
Hair: Her dark, thin purple hair trails down her back, occasionally catching the light and gleaming.
Face in general: Looking at her face features, you can't really see any flaws, but her skin is paleish.
Body: Slim, but still quite curvy.
Anything else...: If you ever got to see her back, you can see she has a scar in the form of an "X". She has a tattoo on her arm, but she doesn't show it much at all anymore.

When she speaks, she has a soft, yet authoritative voice, making you think shes of higher class then you'd think.

Attitude: Shes normally pretty friendly and sweet. But if someone she cares about is having trouble, like there in a fight, she can be quick to change. For example, if you point out that she's a sue, she'll menstrate on you.


Will sometimes limp. Looks pretty down most of the time and looks alittle distant.

Basically, she's gone all emo.

About Her Past

Was actually born on a island that got destroyed, but no one knows much about it and neither does she because she was far to young to remember it. She only vaugely rememebers some of it.
Kyoko was born a "Chosen one". She was found on a beach along with her sister, Kairi in Darkshore, both of them unconcious. From then on they were adopted by Tyrande Whisperwind and both ended up thinking that she was her real mother and they lived in The Temple of the Moon. Kyoko was born an angel, but she always prefered the dark arts, so her parents didn't really take much of a likeing to her. One night, Ogres got into the Temple. How? No one really knows why. Apparently some High Mage slipped them in, right under everyones noses. Kyoko heard a disturbance and went down the stairs to check it out. She got to the fountain and peered around, not seeing anything strange. She shook her head, thinking how stupid she was to get herself worked up. Suddenly a darkened figure fell infront of her and into the fountains water. Kyoko jumped in suprise and started shaking, the figure was on its side, not facing her. She leaned over and outstretched her shaking hand onto the figures shoulder, turning it around. Kyoko's eyes widened. Her sister... Blood was oozing out her axe wounds and her mouth. Kyoko screamed and took a few steps backwards, only to be alarmed by a loud, echoing roaring sound. An ogre, standing behind her, axe raised high. Kyoko, turned around fast and screamed again covering her eyes. Suddenly, she was on the floor and her mother's arms around her. The ogre had swung its axe and her mother had saved her. Her mother yelled at Kyoko to run and get out. So thats what Kyoko did. She ran and ran, tears streaming down her face, dodging corpses on the way out. She ran until she reached her secret spot. A long, thick branch.. And thats where she stayed until her parents came to find her. They buried Kairi the following day, along with the soldiers that died. Shes never quite gotten over her sisters death. The image of her dead still haunts her to this day.

A wizard did it.