Alliancecrest small Professor Kotol Frostchanter
Title(s) Professor
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Mage
Age 57 (Human Years)
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliation Southshore,Dalaran,Theramore
Occupation Professor of History
Status Alive
Relative(s) Father:Morgan Frostchanter Mother:Jannet Frostchanter


Professor Kotol Frostchanter

Physical TraitsEdit

Old Features,Balding Head and Gray Hair,Blue Eyes and Wrinkled Skin.Average Height and Wait.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Mage


None (OOC Township of Thermore)


Professor of Histroy at Theramore University.


Mother and Father (Morgan and Jannet) both died a long time ago


Kotol was born years ago to a mage family of Dalaranmhis mother was a housewife and his father a mage and field scientist of Dalaran.He grew up in the twisting towers of Dalaran and soon became a well trained Mage and a great historian by the age of 20. He loved working in Dalaran,but sadly his parents died in a fire caused by a trainee mage on that year,they were burnt in the blaze so Kotol had to live on the north-side of the city near the lake where he had a view of Fenris Isle.

Soon he new of refugees came from Stormwind after the rampant Orcs ravaged the south lands and planned to come north,he was on high alert. Days went by and nothing untill new reached them of Orcish movement enroaching further north and taking Khaz Modan and several provinces of Lordaeron. The mages were then told to keep an eye around the Alterac Mountains after some Horde were seen marching though the land as if they knew the place.

Soon after the Wars ended another Third War came upon the world. Jaina Proudmoore rallied thousands of people to evacuate to Kalimdor,which Kotol did after taking his prized possesions. In-time too as Dalaran had just fallen to the Scourge. He sailed far across the sea untill they arrived and fought more Orcs. He was angry at this.

At the battle of Hyjal he was there,quite far back, as a supporter. He used almost all of his life defending the world of Azeroth,so had many other Mages. He soon left and returned to found Kalimdor,which he then took up the postition of a Professor of History in Theramore University in the very tower Jaina Proudmoore and Aegwynn live in.

He now still lives there with other people and teaches them of histories of all corners of Azeroth and Draenor.

Family BackgroundEdit

Mage Family,both parents killed by a fire/

Criminal RecordEdit


Personal NotesEdit

  • A very wise Mage.
  • Found in Theramore mostly teaching.
  • He is found wearing Dalaran Robes most of the Time.

Current StatusEdit

Living within Theramore.

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