Names/Nicknames Edit

Kallar T'Aleonne - Full Name

The Spell-Weaver - Other Name

Physical Traits Edit

Is about 6ft rather well built..has a beard which is awesome! also has green eyes..

(More to come)

Race and ClassEdit

(self-proclaimed) Mage-Lord and Master of the Twisting Nether

Guild Edit

The Embrace

Occupation Edit

Being an ebil cultist


-Marian T'Aleonne- Mother

-Sardon T'Aleonne- Father

-Ellea Ferrows- Fiancee

There are also a few of his distant cousins that are still alive, but Kallar's arrogance has declared them unfit for the T'Aleonne name. There are also most likely many other distant family members alive, although it would be far to say most families have taken a bit of a culling with the Scourge and Burning Legion attacks.

Background Edit

Born in a old family of mages showed great potential in his youth...and blah blah blah (too lazy to do more as of yet)

Criminal Record Edit

None...Not stupid enough to get caught

Personal Notes Edit

Had Hematolagnia.

Likes fine whiskey. even though he claims he no longer has any interest in mortal pleasures


-T'Aleonne Grimoire- An Old Blue Tome, the Cover is Ripped and Stained, also the pages seem to be from many different tomes, which have been roughly attached inside the Tome.

-Elemental Grimoire- A new addition to his collection, his recent studies into elemental magic have all been recorded into this grimoire

-Pendant of Power- A pendant made by his father, this useful pendants prevents most silence from effecting Kallar

-Moores Journal- The journal of Yebern Moore, an amusing read that Kallar can be seen reading quite often

-Vault of Possessions- Kallar over his years has secretly gathered a fair amount of magical or rare artifacts.

(( more stuff to add ))


Kallar was born with a great affinity fire and through hard study and natural talent he has spread out his research and study into the other schools...

<<More To Come>>

Strengths Edit

- Kallar has had a large amount of physical training in his time in the Crusade, the result is he is able to run for a fair long distances and also quite physical fit, his fitness also helps him with dealing with fatigue of casting heavy duty spells.

- Kallar's magical power can only be described as tremendously vast, he prides himself in his family name which has been magical since the time of the first one hundred mages.

Weaknesses Edit

- Kallar is still has the body of a human and as such it can only take so much damage before it would fail.

- Also since he has a human body he is weak againts poisons..although strangely alcohol has not effect on him.

- His arrogance can often lead to situations turning aggressive rather quickly,

Current Status Edit

Alive and annoying the Embrace with his large ego and arrogant bastard-ness

Influences Edit

Kallar was probably influenced by allot of the mages/wizards from the many books i read, usually the mage who has no quarrel in killing being greedy and horrid but is not exactly evil, there only need is to gain more power and indulge there desires...but to be honest i just really make it up as i go along, keeps it fresh

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