Lady Kalidia Duskwither, daughter of Magistrate Duskwither


Kalidia Duskwither - Dia the troublesome

Formally Kalidia Silvercloud - named after her fathers legendary bow.

Physical TraitsEdit

At a height of 6'1", immense beauty and a slim tanned figure/body to die for. Kalidia is still at an extremely young age of 99 by sin'dorei standards, her bluey black hair is tied back into a medium sized ponytail with a little bit of her hair is left foreward covering some of her face. Having her hair tied back reveals her cruel and harsh glowing green eyes which show the pain she has suffered.

Race and ClassEdit

Blood Elf Mage


Silvermoon Apprentice


kalidia is an Apprentice of Silvermoon's arcane and demonology training society.


Father - Jireiya Silvercloud - deceased

Mother - Jo'sindra Silvercloud - missing/deceased

Foster Father - Magister Duskwither


Kalidia was born on the exact same day as five other quel'dorei children, Thalios, Jin'reia, Serradomin, Perrylin and forcysto. These six children were believed to have a higher level of arcane and demonic power, so an experiment was devised to test these powers. Once all six children were aged fifteen they were sent into an island that had been set up for this trial. All six children had to survive for one year on this island without any knowledge of there arcane and demonic powers. These six children had to survive against raptors, naga, panthers and undead. At the end of this trial certain highmages and quel'thalasian rangers were sent into discover the fate of these six children. Only three of them had survived for that horrific year, Kalidia, Thalios and Forcysto. Kalidia and Thalios had been found huddled together peacefully sleeping, after being found it was discovered that they had no injuries or any other problems, they were extremely fit but it was also discovered that they had no memory of what had happened. Forcysto on the other hand had been found clutching a naga trident surrounded by dozens of skeletons and half eaten corpses.Forcysto had become insane with rage and demonic power, because of this he had begun to have violent outbursts and attacked almost anyone, eventually he had gotten out of control and had murdered a full village of elves and devoured there souls, it took four of the most poweful highmages at the time to stop him. About a week after the end of the experiment Kalidia was adopted by Magister Duskwither and raised in the farstider retreat. For the past 83 years Kalidia has been training alongside Thalios under the guidence of Instructor Antheol, in the Eversong woods, in the arcane and demonic teachings.

Family BackgroundEdit

Kalidia's father was a Quel'thalasian ranger killed during a recon mission for sylvanus, he was well known for his constant dedication and 100% loyalty to his fellow rangers. His legendary bow "Kalidia" was buried with him after his death.

Kalidia's mother was also a quel'thalasian ranger, that worked in Sylvanus' elite rangers, she was known as the "Scarlet Arrow" because of her perfect aim and deadly strike with a bow. She went missing soon after the experiment of her daughter and is presumed dead.

Criminal RecordEdit

kalidia has had a long lasting record for causing trouble in her lessons with Instructor Antheol, most of the time she takes full responsibility for her actions even when Thalios is involved. She was once turned into a cat for a full day as punishment by Elrodan, for freezing Thalios solid.

Personal NotesEdit

Kalidia currently trains alongside Thalios at all times, she is the older sister figure to Thalios and cares for him deeply, making sure he is well looked after. Though she likes to treat Thalios very cruelly by hitting him whenever he messes up and critisizing him every chance she gets. Kalidia is a formiddible mage and is highly recommened for the next magistrate after Duskwither leaves his postion.

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