Kalestria Sunshore/Firehand (Often called Kal for short)

Physical Traits Kalestria is a tall and slender female. Standing at 6'2 Kalestria's face is always laidened with a friendly and caring smile, her eyes often gentle and observing. Her hair is a light auban brown. Around her neck she always wear a small silver locket. She is always followed by ger trusted friend Tiberius (pet) and is forever carrying her shining axes at her side.

Race and ClassEdit

Blood Elf, Hunter


Will of the Forsaken


Skinning and Leatherworking


Mother- Sanri. Deceased.

Father- Castor. Deceased.

Brother- Larmarx. Residing in Ogrimar.

Brother-in-law. Gorvar. Residing wherever he feels like at this moment in time.

Husband- Halmadir. Residing in Silvermoon.

Daughter- Lunaria. Baby. Resides with her parents in Silvermoon.

Daughter- Solstice. Baby. Resides with her parents in Silvermoon.

Uncle: Ty'vin. Slightly mad. Resides in Nortrend at current moment.


As a young girl Kalestria deeply upset her mother my choosing to become a hunter like her adored father. From a young age he taught her how to hunt, skin, track and create leather. She grew up peacfully in the outskirts of Silvermoon and lived a relitivly happy and normal life. At a mature and adult age Kalestria witnessed the destruction of her beloved home and most of her fellow race. Staying home to care for her aging mother Kalestria waited fearfully as her brother and father left to fight the scourge and the betrayer Prince Arthus. Aiding as best she could with her first aid.

At the news of her fathers death her mother quickly passed away from hearbreak, leaving Kalestria angered and sorrowful. Immediatly and against her brothers command she joined up for the fight against the scourge that ravaged her homeland. Rising quickly through the ranks she led her own group of soldiers through the battles of the time. Soon however things once again took a turn for the worst. With the loss of a friend ,known to her family as Abeline, her brother and her ceased to talk. She was terribly wounded in what was to be her last battle. Severed by a sword along her leg she was unable to fight for much of the war but continued to support it once again with her first aid.

After the four years of development and building Kalestria resided herself once again in the new Silvermoon. It was here that she met her future husband Halmadir.

Family BackgroundEdit

As a small girl her family had been one of happiness and tranquility. With just her and her brother to care for her parents often doted equaly on the both of them and the family as a whole cared for each other. Once a priest her mother had brought them up to be bother caring and unjudging while their father taught them the morals and lessons that life would often bring both kind and brutal. At her mother and father's passings Kalestria and her brother grew extremly close and relied heavily on the other. During the war this bond was broken by the death of a good friend Abeline and Kalestria now has no contact with her brother.

Criminal RecordEdit

Unknown to most of her family Kalestria has been hunted and tried for the murder of a family friend Abeline. Wrongly she was declared innocent and she is now a free woman.

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