Alliancecrest small Captain Joren Rothgar Alania-Pike
Title(s) Captain
Gender Male
Race Human Gyptian
Class Priest
Age 18 (Human Years)
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliation Kul Tiras Corsairs
Occupation Naval Captain
Status Alive
Relative(s) Janner Pike, Eva Pike, Kolonin Pike, Juven Pike, Jeran Pike, Damien Lee Ormsby Pike, Lashela Alania, Fellen Alania

Identity Edit

Name: Joren Rothgar Alania-Pike

Title: Captain

Race: Human Gyptian

Class: Monk / Priest

Physical Traits Edit

A young man, around the age of 24, with brownish eyes, and a darkish skin. He is bald and fairly scrawny, and is often dressed in his Monk-robes, adorned with insignias of different organizations. Wears thick glasses. Has a hat.

Guild Edit

Occupation Edit

Former occupations Edit


The illegitimate son of Fellen Alania and Maren Pike, a servant of Gyptian descent, the younger brother of Janner Pike, Kolonin, Juven and Eva. His cousins include Jeran Pike and Damien Lee Ormsby Pike. He is related to Lashela Alania by his father.

Background Edit

Has spent the first 16 years of his life at the Chapel Of Light in the old region of Lordaeron, being trained as a Monk to serve the Light. Left the monastery after he came of age to find any family he had. Found them in Stormwind and has since then followed his older brother Janner everywhere.

Has a strong Gyptian accent, but imitated a Lordaeranian one to apply for the Militia and when meeting House Alania. He joined The Wild Rose Society, when the Militia disbanded, and the Navy after that.

Family Background Edit

His father, Fellen Alania, is part of the Alania-family, making Joren a half-nobleman. His mother on the other hand, is a gyptian servant - the lowest of the low. He met his father for the first time at the age of 16, and never met him again.

Criminal Record Edit

As empty as outer space.

Personal Notes Edit

Very righteous, a true monk, whose intentions are naught but to do good for the world. Almost the complete opposite of most of the members of House Alania or the Pike-family. "Bad x Bad = Good".

Current Status Edit

Working aboard the White Maiden, sailing between Valiance Keep and Stormwind.

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