Name Edit

Jeremy Cluckson

(( or as the Azeroth jornel says: Sir Jeremy Cluckson of the underground chicken society))

Physical Traits Edit

Slightly ruffled feathers with occasional oil,grease,ink stains on him due to his misstres and his interests

Race and ClassEdit

Chicken Mechanic

Guild Edit

None,Its a Chicken

Occupation Edit


Chickenfeed tester


Prayher: Jeremy sees her as his mother

Background Edit

Jeremy was found by prayher in a pile of broken machinery as an egg after a cart accident in Stormwind city after emerging he showed semi-intellegence toward most people and animals showing a larg intrest in gnomish machines. many people think he is a Space chicken or a magical mutation since a bottle of arcane inteligence was broken beside the machinery

Jeremy can write but his spelling isnt up to much

Family Background Edit

All his family got out in the cart crash and soon ended up in various stewpots around stormwind some say they whent underground to create a super inteligent Chicken socity

Criminal Record Edit

None: Stormwind does't convict Chickens

Personal Notes Edit

Jeremy is a slightly rumpled looking chicken sometimes with an oil or grease stain on him he seems semi-intellegent

Current Status Edit

Following Prayher at times but seemingly found wandering the dwarven district

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