Jebwinkle Pilfoodle.


26 Years old.


Short white hair, he got that after the accident in Gnomeregan.


Both eyes is covered in a green glow, Jegwinkle is only able to see green.


Jebwinkles body has some minor burning scars.


Jebwinkle And The Green Cloud!

One day at Gnomeregan.

Jebwinkle was living a dream, had a good family. And the cutest girlfriend of Gnomeregan. He had a nice job as a Engineer. He had everything a gnome could want. But this didnt last long.. Jebwinkle was working a nightshift. Rest of Gnomeregan was asleep. A green cloud entered Gnomeregan, Jebwinkle could hear the screams. All the citizens of Gnomeregan turned to Lepers. Jeb was running as fast as he could, but he tripped over some wires. All power in Gnomeregan was out, Jebwinkle got up again trying to find his way home in the darkness. Suddently a huge explotion happend right infront of Jeb. He was trowed all the way back, and everything goes dark from there. When Jeb woke up he saw the most horrible thing ever, Lepers everywhere! All he could see was green Gnomes, green housess, green flames. But it wasnt, the explotion covered Jebwinkle with some kind of toxic. And with the green cloud, he got green glowing, smoking eyes. And he had a strange green aura around him. It was not long after that he knew he was a changed man. But now the hardest thing is left, escaping Gnomeragan! That means killing his family and everyone dear to him. But the killing part was getting easyier after a few kills. And the aura seems to help, it make all close to him weaker. Almost paralyzed. The effect seems to work better on lepers then all others. You see there were still a few Gnomes left down there, and after killing Lepers and having green sight. A Gnome pretty much looks like a Leper. When he came out he realize that his family had survived the cloud... But they didnt survive him.


Jebwinkle has found his home in Stormwind, and some dark secrets on his travels.


Stormwind City.



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