Name Edit

Janek Sunber

Race and Gender Edit

Half elf, Male

Physical Traits Edit

Janek is a little taller than most humans, the likeness to his father, Hector Sunber. An attractive young man, is eyes are a deep hazel colour and his hair is long and dark-brown, tied back into his favoured style, a ponytail. His skin is smooth and a little pale. Janek is very fit, with better reflexes and reactions than those of humans, but a little less stamina and strength. Sunber's appearance suggests he is of the age of 17, whereas his actual age is 19. Janek's immune system is quite a reasonable way above average, able to resist most minor maladies. However, his body takes longer to react to medicine and treaments, which may cost him his life he were to aquire some life-threatening illness.

Mental Traits Edit

Janek is pretty clever, and can recall almost anything he sees or hears later on in life or five minutes after seeing (or hearing) it. Perhaps a rare trait, though Janek thinks it is normal in everyone, he has the ability to sometimes see things before they happen, as a vision or even just somehow knowing what to do in a matter of seconds prior to the event.

Janek is usually very cheerful and friendly towards people. The only times Janek is hostile towards someone is if they are on the opposing side of a firefight, skirmish, ect, and if they have attempted to assault him physically (or mentally, if they are a mage or not, never verbally). And even then, he will be merciful to anyone who lays down their arms and surrenders.

Occupation Edit

Marksman, 1st Captain of the Arathor 1st. Commands 2nd Company.

Guild Edit


Notable Talents Edit

-Foresight: Janek can sometimes see imminent events just before they happen, with enough time to react to it. This has saved his life more than a few times, much to his own amazement.

-Active Camorflage: Janek uses a cameleoline cloak, woven by fine elven tailors and enchanted to melt into the colours of its surroundings, to hide himself well in almost any terrain, except for urban environments, where instead he relies on either shadows or crates and such to conceal him.

-Marksman: Janek is a crack-shot with generally all bullet weapons (and some arrow weapons), having the eye for aiming, the skills learned earlier in life, and the experience from service in the Special Forces.

-Engineer/Demolitionist: Janek is good with explosive equipment and mechanical devices, and can also construct simple battlefield demolitions and gear for use in harsh environments. May also conduct battlefield repairs if no other mechanic is present. Janek has once been called upon in the Shylock Blades to contruct a weapon they could use to great effectiveness, too, and Janek completed this with great precision. (read: The Charge Dart Rifle)

Family Edit

Father: Hector Sunber (deceased)

Mother: Galanodel Liadon (deceased)

Brother: Thamior Liadon (Location known, hated by)

Sister: Jenesta Sunber (Location known)

Sister: Vadania Liadon (Location unknown)

Cousin: Janus Darke (Supposedly dead)

Background Edit

Janek was born in the Arathi Highlands in a comfortable castle - owned by his family, about 17 years before the attack by the undead. He grew up around the army simply because of his father, Hector, being a general of the Alliance forces. Janek learned many things from the castle guardsmen, including how to hunt and survive in the wilderness. At 12 years old he first shot someone, a thief who had made it past the guards. He didnt made it past Janek who was on his way to the bathroom, still carrying the service pistol his father had given him for hunting - and self defence.

Janek began his actual army training at 12 and a half years old, learning from the grizzled veterans that made up Hector's bodyguard. His father made sure he recieved only the best advice and learning, and called in private tutors and mentors from all over Azeroth, most coming from Stormwind or Ironforge, some making their way from Darnassus - obviously they were getting paid a lot, otherwise they wouldnt have done it - to give Janek the education his father intended him to have.

Most of the tutoring and lessons bored Janek. The only person's lessons he would generally remember was those of the soldiers and captains that he would go out to the foothills with to study tracking, stealth, and combat maneouvering. War excited Janek, and he quickly pursued the path of the warrior, entering the army at only 16 years old - much to Hector's dismay, who wanted him to become a successful officer - and took specialist training to join the commando forces that were sponsored by SI:7, the Arathor 1st, 2nd company.

The first action and blooding Janek saw was when he was thrown in the deep end against the forces of The Horde when they invaded his homeland of Arathi. This was where Janek was promoted to Corporal for his actions in the field, where his quick thinking and reflexes, along with his uncanny way of telling what's about to happen saved his commanding officer more than a few times.

After three years in the Arathor 1st, Janek learned of his father's death, and left in search of his body. Finding nothing in the ruins of Lordaeron, Janek retreated to Stormwind, but was quickly pressed into military service when one of his old war-buddies, Kisun, suggested that he join the Stormwind Intelligence unit, The Shylock Blades. The unit specialised in the hunting and capture of members of The Dark Embrace. Janek could not refuse his friend's offer, and joined immediately. He became Kisun's aide just because he was known by him earlier on in his life and because Janek could play the most amazing music on his flute.

His eldest sibling, Thamior, had secretly stolen Hector's funds and lied to Janek about the account, saying everything was crashed and the passwords and signs lost with the destruction of Lordaeron, and the death of all present who knew Hector. Janek could only believe the truthful stare Thamior played on him, and had to begin from scratch with the bare earnings he had from SF service.

Memorable Events Edit

(31/3/07) Janek was blinded by his cousin, Janus Darke, while he was trying to save a dwarf being tortured by members of The Dark Embrace (one of whom was Janus). Janek aimed The Charge Dart Rifle at the hatch on the door and fired it when the hatch was opened. Unfortunately Darke ducked and the dart went straight over his head and the coil was jammed in the hatch. Darkeness closed the hatch again and the coil snapped, spraying sparks in Janek's face, fusing his eyes to his skin. Thankfully Ormsby was nearby and prevented any further damage. The eyes were saved, but it took about two weeks for them to heal properly.

(14/4/07) The Shylock Blades disbanded, due to Kisun becoming mad from either possession or the failure to defeat The Dark Embrace. Leaderless, Janek decided to pursue his own goals and find a part-time job other than killing.

(7/5/07) Janek was forced into the service of Fedra, a member of The Dark Embrace, who used to be his friend. She took advantage of the fact that he no longer had Kisun to hide behind, and thought that Janek's skills could be put to her own uses and desires.

Family Background Edit

Janek's father grew up in the Navy, as an indentured deckhand. However, his heroism in several naval battles saw him freed from slavery and he became a marine in the navy. During the second war, Hector rose through the ranks swiftly and was trusted with the guidance of some of the navy's forces on more and more battlefronts. Eventually he became an Admiral but unfortunately he was wounded in the left leg twice and thus couldnt operate on-board a ship. He was transferred to the ground forces and rose further through the ranks to reach Field Marshal near to the end of his career. Hector met Galanodel when he was vacationing in Darnassus, and after they had fallen in love and married they moved to Hector's homeland, the Arathi Highlands, where they bought a large manor (or castle, whatever) in which to raise their offspring. First came Thamior, who was an almost completely pure-blooded elf. Next came Jenesta, who was the only pure-blooded human in her generation. Then came Janek, a half elf. This was the result of a mixture of chromasomes from both Hector and Galanodel. Why Jenesta was only fully human only the Light knows. Finally, Vadania. She was also a half-elf, but she had the purple-tinged skin from her mother. However, Vadania nor Thamior, nor Janek bore any magical traits (unless you could count Janek's unnatural intuition and foresight as magic and Vadania's unexplainable psychic abilities as magical), only Jenesta.

Thamior, Janek, and Jenesta went their separate ways, Thamior joining the special forces, with Janek, and Jenesta schooling herself further in magic, becoming quite an accomplished Elementalist and summoner. Vadania, however, went missing, and Thamior took it upon himself to conduct a vigorous, but unsuccessful search.

Hector and Galanodel died in Lordaeron at a military conference, when the city was assaulted by the scourge. Thamior managed to escape being shot for treason, and Vadania is missing. The other two, as far as the records show, are alive...

Criminal Record Edit

Janek has a clean record so far.

Personal Information Edit

-Janek always carries a Repeater X-57 Matchlock pistol (six shots) with him wherever he goes. A gift from his father, he cherishes it and will often be very protective of it when people look at it. The gun has been customised by a gnome friend of his called Felix Gyrogear. The pistol has a small catseye laser sight built into it, with an upgraded trigger, and a decorated butt on the handle of the pistol for close-combat situations, where Janek can flip the pistol over and use the barrel as a handle and the butt as a club.

-Janek will most likely be mistaken as a human, but he doesnt mind. He prefers it if the Scarlets dont know he has any elven heritage because he often spends time around the Cathedral. The key points that might give him away is his wide, hazel eyes, his pointed ears (when he isnt wearing a headband), and his pale skin.

-Janek speaks with an accent that sounds like the british voices of the EU soldiers in Battlefield 2142 (for those who dont have the game, lets just say he sounds like a World War 2 british soldier without the cockney slang or funny "tally ho" phrases). Janek's voice sounds friendly and warm most of the time, and will remain that way unless he is arguing, sad, afraid, or fighting someone.

-Janek also carries a small flute-like instrument with him wherever he goes, which he plays for his own personal amusement, and also for the other soldiers of the Arathor 1st (of which he is the youngest) when they have free time during a war, to keep up morale.

Current Status Edit

Janek spends his time performing tasks that Fedra sets him, and when he doesnt have any tasks, he will be hanging around his friends, The Malvalon Gang, whom he is an honourary member of.

Need to know Information Edit

For those of you who wonder why Thamior is now Janek's brother, it is because I got really annoyed with having the new Janek as only supposedly 1 month old. I much preferred the idea of Janek having an evil dark-elf-type-character of a brother who stole all his father's funds for himself (and told Janek that he tried to retrieve them but they were lost with Lordaeron) instead of Janek having an undead copy of himself...

Inspiration for Janek Edit

My first inspiration was that of a half-elf. I preferred the idea of an elf who looks very much like a human, with only the ears and eyes and reflexes that were the tell-tale signs of elven heritage. Janek also had to be a human because he was meant to be shorter than his commanding officers, or at least the same height (and because night elves' ears bounce around too much). Janek himself and all his talents and musical ability came from Brin Milo, a boy of about 17 years old in the Gaunts Ghosts series by Dan Abnett (and yes, Milo had the foresight ability too). Initially I used the name Janek because I liked the name, and one of my friends was called it. The surname came from reading star wars comics about the imperial luitenant Janek Sunber, and so I took the surname from there. I didnt actually know about Sunber when I thought up Janek's first name, but I really thought the ring of the name Janek Sunber worked, so I made that my character's name.

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