Name Edit

Jane Sarios Longtooth (JaneofBlades) Veteran Of the Warsong Council.

Physical Traits Edit

Nothing out Of the Ordaniry Red hair ,Red Eyes , average Weight and Height.

Race and ClassEdit


Guild Edit

The Warsong Council

Occupation Edit

Takes Under the Proffesion of a Enginner Miner, Sometimes Like To Have a Bit of headhunting.


None All Died

Background Edit

All Family Dead From a Fire And Unknowing of Where she Came from. Jane Is a Easily Stressed PErson Who Can Take a punch But in Arguments is known To be Extremley Violent.

Family Background Edit

Unknown Of Family.

Criminal Record Edit

Has Been Known causing Rowdyness and Drunken fights, Is Known For Murder, Attack, Assaulted Verbal and Physical And Known To have been in Prison 6 times and resisted arrest 2.

Personal Notes Edit

Jane Has Feelings For one Of the Council Memebers But No one Else knows who.

Current Status Edit

Traveling Through the 1000 Needles And Heading To The Razorfen Kraul,Latley Found Repeatdley In the Shadowfang Keep.

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