Name Edit

Jaen Broken-Horn

Race Edit


Class Edit


Physical Traits Edit

One of his two horns is intentionally kept short and filed flat. His hair is a mixture of grey and black and is plaited where possible, small trinkets and totem beads wound into the matted hair. He wears a large ring through his nose. He moves often slowly and deliberately.

When in his more natural, Ghost Wolf form he revels in the freedom it gives and is often seen running across the savannah of The Barrens. In the cool evening shade, he can be found snoozing in the shadow of Orgrimmar.

Guild Edit

The Kodo Dragoons

Occupation Edit

Family Edit

Background Edit

Current Status Edit

Jaen spends much of his time in "the otherworld" at the moment. His perspective of his sworn enemies is changing - perhaps - and, content with his physical prowess on the battlefield, he is spending more time in contemplation. Jaen is currently considering working with a number of young Tauren Shaman and educating them in the ways of the the spirit world, the powers of the elements and the immanent spirit of the Earthmother.

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