Hordecrest small Irik'yi
Gender Male
Race Troll
Class Rogue
Age Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation Marshfang Tribe
Occupation Chieftain of Marshfang Tribe
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unknown


Irik'yi Quickfingers. The name quickfingers may have come from his habbit of stealing anything he can,calling it loot.

Physical TraitsEdit

Irik' usually squatts.When squatted he is 4ft 8in. Standing tall he is 8ft 8in. He is a typical Marshfang, with greenish skin, muscles and swampy wet skin. He smells of the places he makes home.

Race and ClassEdit

Male Troll Chieftain ((OOC He is a rogue))


Snakebite Tribe


Around 24/7 Irik' can be seen stealing from ANYWHERE (Watch your back when near him!). He also leads the Marshfang Tribe.


Vul'shin Close friend,missing

Criminal RecordEdit


Current StatusEdit

Irik'yi is rebuilding the Marshfang tribe.

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