Jack Hutton

Name Edit

Jack Hutton

Physical Traits Edit

A middle aged man with dusty blonde hair and trim beard.

Race and Class Edit

Human Rogue.


Defias Renegade

Guild Edit

Defias Outlaws.

Occupation Edit

Previously a carpenter. Now a petty Criminal.

Background Edit

After the Second War, Hutton helped to rebuild Stormwind as a legitimate carpenter, crafting medium-to-high skill level woodwork in the new city. When the rebuilding was complete, it was a shock to Hutton when the Nobles refused to pay him and the other workmen. Hutton and the other laborers and artisans were expelled from Stormwind.

Betrayed and disillusioned with the Alliance, Hutton turned to Edwin VanCleef who was forming the Defias Brotherhood.

Criminal Record Edit

Wanted for three assaults, theft, burglary, theft with intent to harm, street pick pocketting, and grievious bodily harm.

Hutton is rumoured to be involved with the kidnap of Varian Wrynn, true King of Stormwind.

Current status Edit

Hiding in Elwynn, or maybe near the Deadmines in Westfall.

Personal Notes Edit

Hutton is determined to destroy the House of Nobles in Stormwind City, convinced that they are corrupt.

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