About House Alania Edit

Ancient as Stormwind itself, there has always been a member of the Alania family in the Royal Court of the kingdom. Advisors to the crown, Guardians of the City, Doctors of his Majesty... There is no position high enough to satisfy the hunger of power and fame of this house.

And then, 120 years ago, Anabelle Alania was honored with the promotion to nobility for her and her descendants. Raised from the commonners, the strength of this one Lady gave the house new power... New horizons.. And new ambitions.

Family Crest Edit

The crest of House Alania shows two snakes embraced, watching over the colours of Stormwind... Some say, though, that the snakes are not watching the city... But devouring it's flesh, poisoning everything with their fangs. As well, others state that the snakes are battling each other for control over the city.

They are all correct.

OOC information Edit

What is "House Alania"? House Alania is NOT a guild but a roleplaying group, centered around a noble family of Stormwind. Characters can become either members of the family (nobles or not, heirs, or minor relatives), or servitors of it.

Where do you play?

We play on the World of Warcraft European server Steamwheedle Cartel.

How can i join?

Easy! Create a new post in our forums, on "Mailbox", introducing a bit about your character, the position you would like inside the family and anything you consider related or useful. Soon, you'll be contacted in-game by a member to introduce you to the community!

Members of House Alania Edit

Lashela Alania. (The rest of the family has been slayed).

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