Hildegarde Stoneshaper. But her close friends simply call her Hilde.

Race and ClassEdit

Dwarf, Currently employee of Sacred Circle. (Priest)


Chaplain Hildegarde Stoneshaper


Sacred circle


Apart from her religious duties, Hildegarde is also quite a famous tailor. She is known for her very strong bags that are sold all over the dwarven lands and sometimes even abroad. Recently she was allowed to start enchanting skills, which she is now mastering.


Hildegarde was born in a family of a prospector, Joren Stoneshaper. Being one of the first Dwarves to interest themselves in digging for not ore, but relics, Stoneshaper's skills were not required anywhere, and the family spent half of the time travelling to distant digsites. During one such expedition, Joren's wife gave birth to a girl. Needless to say, little Hildegarde had to grow up in not the best of places, always on the move and rarely behind town's walls. By the time Hildegarde was around thirty, she was fed up with her parents' lifestyle and was eager to settle somewhere else. She ended up working as a tailor in Ironforge, when the Second War broke out and orcish armies started advancing through the Dwarven kingdom right to its heart, the Ironforge Mountain. Hildegarde gave up her job to start working as a garrison nurse, healing the wounded Ironforge defenders. Blood, gore and sweat quickly killed the enthusiasm in her though, and Hildegarde fell into a depression. In the besieged city, however, there was a person to cheer Hildegarde again. That person was a human priest, who came from the north to lend his hand to the Dwarves, and becoming isolated in Ironforge, the priest also worked at the frontline. It is because of him that Hildegarde started interesting herself in the new religion, The Holy Light. She was studying days and nights, spending lots of time praying and reading the ancient tomes from the priest's collection. And the more people Hildegarde helped during that time, the more she felt she was not an ordinary believer. She found a rare talent to heal people, and under the man's guidance, came back to her medical duties. When the tide of the war turned away, Hildegarde was already a priest, preaching in a small church. When the news of undead legions destroying Lordaeron reached Ironforge, Hildegarde was standing in front of a choice - to help the human allies with her skills, or to stay at home and keep on studying. The priestess chose the latter way, but soon regretted it. In the meanwhile, Dwarven nation turned to studying its ancient origins, and Joren Stoneshaper was one of the leaders of the new Prospector's League. Dwarves started turning away from the Light, to worship the newfound gods - Titans. As real as it seemed, the new religion did not impress Hildegarde, who saw the results of her loyalty to Light. With Ironforge qucikly becoming the centre of archeological activities, Hilde started thinking she was no longer at home. Once she was noticed by the leaders of a new Mountaineer regiment, Angst and Ulgarf, and not hesitating, Hildegarde joined the Brigade, and packed her belongings to move to Dun Garok, a seemingly tranquil place, with no Prospectors or Titan worshipers around. Tragedy however is never far away, and she recently left the 3rd Brigade after her husband went missing. She now hides under the protection of Sacred Circle, trying to pick up all the different pieces that have broken her heart once more. She decided to go to the battlefield again, ignoring most of the things she believed in for such a long time.


Hildegarde is a savior of all those fallen into the hands of demonic powers. As a strong believer in the Holy Light, she can be seen very often in religious places. She never wants to be disturbed during her prayers. Some say the tragedy once happened in her life have made her the Holy Priest she is today. As a result of that you could say Hilde is not the bravest one in combat, but she would rather die herself then letting someone get injured.


The Stoneshaper family currently lists Joren Stoneshaper, the father, and three children - Hildegarde, Lode,who is currently a marksman in Mountaineers' Third service, and little sister Leintje, who decided to follow Hildegarde and become a priest as well. The children don't have much contact with their father, not only because of his work in Winterspring but of his beliefs and views.

Criminal RecordEdit

No criminal record about Hildegarde.

Personal NotesEdit

Being a friendly and highly moral person. Hildegarde can never be seen angry or agressive, but keep in mind not ask her too many questions about her past. It shall never be forgotten and although Hildegarde is never looking for revenge, maybe the people who care about her might be. One must always remember the piety and high morale that Hildegarde has, and the worst thing she can see is a rude and drunk dwarf.

Current StatusEdit

After her husband went missing, Hildegarde left Mountaineers, now trying to help in the continuing battles against evil. She joined Sacred Circle, trying to keep low and mastering enchanting, discovering new places and meeting new people.

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