Name Edit

Hhekate Mcbride

Physical Traits Edit

A young beautyfull welltanned girl, with short red hair and a series of piercings in each ear.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Warrior

Guild Edit

The Mercenary Alliance

Occupation Edit

Hhekate employ's herself by odd jobs as a mercenary. In her sparetime she's an acomplished skinner and leatherworker and makes a few coins on the side that way.

Background Edit

Hhekates parents died early on caused by the assault of a large pack of starving wolves. Because of this she has had a hatred for this particular beast from early childhood. This hatred has been part of her motivation for charging out into the world seeking battles and get herself into trouble. As an orphan she was taken in by the friars in Nortshire Abbey. Partly because her parents had been well known and liked by the local community and partly because of her distant family ties to Marshall Mcbride, who is stationed there. As a spirited and troubleseeking girl her upbringing has not been an easy task for the friars and Hhekate still carries a great amount of insecurity resulting from their doubts on how to raise her best.

Family Background Edit

Hhekate's parents was killed when she was very young, and she hardly remembers anything about them. Hhekate has a very distant relation to Marshall Mcbride in Nortshire Abbey. She was adopted as a young girl by Olympia, who took her off the hands of the hard tried friars.

Criminal Record Edit

Hhekate has had no trouble with the law

Personal Notes Edit

Hhekate is an goodnatured, openminded and sensitive young woman, who believes deeply in following her heart.

Current Status Edit

For the moment Hhekate is slowly recovering from the traumas of her captivation by the evil undead warlord Camci and the loss of her Captain, teacher and mentor Kassim Zafar. Aiding this healing process is her growing affections for a young rogue by the name of Athos.

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