Name Edit


Hejin vs Hezhao

Hezhao is defeated by his brother, Hejin

Physical Traits Edit

A man in his late teens, about 18-19 years of age, he has long red-brown hair like his brother, and a face like a 14 year old.

Race and Class Edit

Male Human rogue

Guild Edit

The Shylock Blades

Occupation Edit


Family Edit

Father-Hetao-Deceased (murdered by Hejin)

Mother-Heilaine-Deceased (Murdered by Hejin)

Older Sister-Heather-deceased and buried (Died sometime after helping Hejin Kill the rest of his family)

Older Brother-Hejin

Background Edit

The younger brother of Hejin and the brooding, selfish, reclusive, youngest member of Hejin's family. Hezhao hated his brother, because he was raised as the favourite of the family. Hezhao was seemingly killed by Hejin when he murdered his fsamily. However Hezhao has managed to survive, and has underwent rigorous training in order to kill his brother.

Current status Edit

Deceased-Hezhao was recently found by his brother and was slaughtered mercilessly, Hezhao attacked Hejin shortly after Hejin had just met with Lashela regarding his punishment, Hejin wasted no time in hacking Hezhao to pieces, placing him in a sack, and tossing him into the fires of iron forge.

Personal Notes Edit

Hezhao is sadistic and twisted, living in his own world of denial, he believes he is above all else, and will take any measure nessesary to make his brother suffer.

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