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Name Edit



Heather, her surname is unknown to all.

Physical Traits Edit

Heather is a ghost, she is translucent. She has the ability to walk through people. She wears black clothes and always carries a red rose. Most people cannot see her.

Race and Class Edit

Female Ghost

Family Edit

  • Father: Hetao (murdered)
  • Mother: Heilaine (murdered)
  • Brother: Hezhao (murdered)
  • Brother: Hejin

Background Edit

Heather was a member of a wealthy noble family in Tirisfal. At the coming of the Scourge, the family fled to the Scarlet Crusade who sheltered them. As she grew up, she began to see the zealotry of the Crusade begin to creep into the ideals of her parents and brother Hezhao. Together with her brother Hejin, Heather slaughtered the rest of the family. The pair moved to Southshore and lived there for a long period of time. Hejin moved to Stormwind to destroy the Crusade Mission, and it was whilst he was in Stormwind that he learned of Heather's death.

Current status Edit

Haunting sacred places and anywhere Hejin has been seen.

Personal Notes Edit

  • Heather can sometimes be noticed by the smell of roses that she leaves behind her footsteps.
  • Her ghost has never been seen.

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