DECEASED-Kayner fortinkai, now known as hejin but prefers jinn.

Physical TraitsEdit

Jinn is an almost perfect replica of Hejin, apart from his darker skin colour and slightly different eye colour. Jinn is in fact just a reflection of hejin's inner self, though he has his own mind and powers, Jinn has a horizontal scar across his nose. Jinn has his hair tied in the same fashion as hejin but prefers to think it is different. although jinn is over ten thousand years old, he would normally be thought of as a young man aged around 20 or so. On occasions when Jinn doesn't want to be seen, he uses his shadow form -"shadow jinn" - to talk to people, this form consists of a normal jinn but with a shadow covering his face, as well as a purple afterimage following his presence.

Race and ClassEdit

Human, Warlock. Originally Highborne under azshara's command.


Jinn has become skilled in tailoring, due to his constant battle to control his mind it seems to be the only thing that can keep him calm.


Jinn's outlook towards his existence changes drastically all the time, at first he is more single-minded, with all actions he takes done with the objective of retaking his original power and heritage. Jinn knows about his mortality but likes to believe that once he has complete his objectives he will become immortal. Jinn's look on other people is random, he does not like anyone but there is poeple that he prefers to others. Jinn knows that once he possesses the next step into obtaining his original power, he will become a more perfect form of a human, once he has this he will become less bothered about becoming Highborne once again and no longer nhave need for single-mindedness. As such, he will instead set out in search of challenges and entertainment (possibly from hejin). Jinn likes to stay in the neitral side of things, when he does get involved in something he will quickly and rashly pick a side, most of the time neither side would matter much to him. Jinn's intelligence has been unmatched so far, he is yet to find someone who can out smart him. Jinn likes to smile and smirk alot, making him seem arragont but he knows it is a good way of aggrovating his enemies.


Unknown - since he hasn't seen them for over ten thousand years.


Jinn was once a highborne under the command ofazshara and helped try and bring the burning leagion into Azeroth. He was an officer fighting against the Night elves in the war of the ancients. During the initial retaliation from the Night elves and dragons, Jinn was killed in battle in a fight against the demon Hunter jarod Shadowsong. Around one thousand years later jinn came back into the world as a wraith, while in this form he was practically imprisoned and couldn't do what he had hoped to do. After another nine thousand years waiting jinn managed to gather enough energy to start posssessing bodies. however most possessions did not go how he had hoped, because most of the hosts were able to resist his control. This caused a slight set back to him but in the end he was able to find the one body able enough for him to use fully. when Jinn took control of Hejin's body he had full control over him. Jinn began feeding off hejin's mind and using him for his bidding. Eventually Jinn had enough power stored to abbandon the body, only to find that hejin was only using Jinn as an excuse to do his own plans. In a frantic attempt to get his new body quickly Jinn created a replica of hejin's body. At first his new body was hard to get used to, though Jinn addapted to the Human body he never wanted it in the beginning. Jinn initial plan is to get his original heritage back and become the all mighty Highborne elf he once was.

Personal NotesEdit

Jinn does not want anything more to do with hejin, however it has become increasingly difficult for him since he still has a psychic link with Hejin thast only Jinn has, this lets Jinn know everything hejin knows. Jinn has taken up the demonic path, he believes that it is the only way to get his heritage back, taking to the power easily and showing constant progression into becoming a powerful warlock. Jinn hates everyone and all races, the night elves mainly because they had destroyed his life, he also hates the human body he believes the human body is a waste because of how useless it is, death seems to be looming around every corner for a human. Jinn is still attempting to control his hatred and rage against all others, his insanity has become a major problem for him, his plans for retaking his heritage are becoming more and more frantic. Recently killed by hejin.


"You came here expecting to find a madman, but instead you found a GOD!"

"I'm glad that you are alive! You are still capable of feeling pain!"

"Leave my sight; I hate looking at trash!"

"Relax! You can't stop me, so why even try?"

"You should thank me. Now you know the truth. The truth of total fear. Ha!"

"May you die and be devoured by 100 demons!"

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