My terrible drawing of Harvian.

Lieutenant Harvian Carl Beckett, of the Stormwind Guard

(Former) Private of the Stormwind Army




Lieutenant(!) Bucket

Physical Traits and PersonalityEdit

Harvian is 6' and slightly underweight. His hair slowly darkened from blond, to brown, because of his worgenization.

His dark green eyes are often cold and harsh, as he has little reason to be happy. He towers over most people, so is often seen as threatening, even when he means to be friendly.

He is generally nice to people, unless they immediately annoy him, or are, of course, criminals.

Race and ClassEdit

Worgenised Stormwind Human. Could say Hunter. But he loves animals. He wouldn't shoot them.



Drawn by the Epic Rilan ^^

The Stormwind Guard


Lieutenant of the Stormwind Guard.


Name - Relation - Status - Location

Lord Carl Beckett - Father - Deceased - Beckett Estate, Redridge.

Dawn Beckett - Mother - Deceased - Beckett Estate, Redridge.

Carl Beckett II - Brother - Deceased - Icecrown Glacier, Northrend.

Lady Emily Jane Beckett - Sister - Dying - Lakeshire, Redridge

James Lionel Beckett - Brother - Alive - Northshire Abbey, Elwynn Forest

Lady Kathrine Beckett - Stepmother - Alive - Lakeshire, Redridge.

Romian Moonwalker - Stepbrother - Alive - Eastvale Logging Camp, Elwynn Forest


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Family BackgroundEdit

The House of Beckett is a noble one and has always been, for as long as any living person can remember. Despite their long-standing nobility, they are in the lowest class of nobles and some don't even consider them nobles. However, the head of the house is still entitle to the title of lord, so for the Becketts it doesn't matter.

Until a month ago, the head of the Beckett House was Lord Carl Beckett. When the Gilneans rejoined the Alliance, Lord Beckett found love in the widow Ms Katherine Moonwalker. This joined the two families. Lady Katherine is currently pregnant, unbeknownst to anyone.

Originally, Carl Beckett II was meant to take the title of Lord, but due to his untimely death in Northrend he was no longer able to do so.

When Lord Carl died, as everyone eventually does, Harvian Beckett was to take the title of Lord. He originally took the title, took leave from the guard and returned to Beckett Estate, Redridge. However, when told that he would have to leave the guards to manage the estate, he reliquished the title, giving it to his younger sister, Emily.

However, this is only a temporary respite as Emily Jane Beckett has always been a frail, weak and sickly girl. She has come down recently with an illness which she is not expected to recover from. Once she dies, the title will be passed down to James Lionel Beckett, the Paladin of the family. However, he is unexpected to want it, as it will draw him from his paladin studies. After he refuses it, or dies, there is an uncertainty, as none of Carl Beckett I's children have sired legitimate children.

Criminal RecordEdit

1 count minor theft. Punishment - A beating.


Harvian usually is wearing his smexy uniform and Tabard.

Lord Carl's SwordsEdit

Harvian always carries around his father's golden swords, that he was given upon his leaving for Stormwind.


On Harvian's belt is often clipped a few things:

  • Gnomish Radio
  • Sergeant Badge
  • Bag of Explosives
  • Small Pistol
  • Money Pouch

Current StatusEdit

Currently alive and kicking.


  • Has a love interest for someone else, now.
  • Loves animals and is currently bringing up a Worg, named Dawn.
  • Likes teasing recruits.
  • Thinks recruits are funny.
  • Wants to visit the fabled city of Exodar before he dies.


/growls at Marria /innocent smile

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