Name Edit

Harthamus Honorheart

Physical Traits Edit

Harthamus is often seen with his pets at his side. If its a monstrous scorpion or a cute cuddly Panda cub, the wilderness surrounds him. Harthamus has light red long hair.

Race and ClassEdit

Blood Elf Hunter

Guild Edit

The Sunstrider Council

Occupation Edit

Expeditioner of Sunstrider Council.


Parents deceased. No Sisters or brothers.

Background Edit

Harthamus Honorheart is a man of honor and pride. "Silver are my arrows, but Gold is my heart" is Harthamus motto. Harthamus cares deeply for his fellow guild members and his friends. Drinking,talking and relaxing at an Inn is one of Harthamus favourite activities.

Family Background Edit

Honorheart is a name which doesn't ring a bell with most people. Who can blame them? The Honorhearts were the Sunstriders mostly used pawns for warfare. Now they are all extinct except for Harthamus ofcourse.

Criminal Record Edit

No criminal record

Personal Notes Edit

Friends call him by the name Harth

Current Status Edit

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