Hordecrest small Hamaldir
Title(s) Blood Knight
Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Class Paladin
Age Around 30
Alignment Chaotic Good
Affiliation Silver moon
Occupation Warrior
Status Alive
Relative(s) Kalestria,his daughters, adoptive parents,Gorvar and Jin'zar, halfbrothers.



Horde, Silvermoon, Orgrimmar


Gorvar: half-brother, mother or father: Unknown


Kalestria (blood elven huntress)


Lunaria Daughter

Solstice Son


Halmadir was born as a result of a forced mating between a Bleeding Hollow orc and a high elf mage during the Second war. He was abondend in a orphanage, but it did not take long for he was adopted shortly after. Allthough being mocked for being a half-breed, the other high elves later respected Halamdir for his warrior prowess and his skill with the axe during skirmishes with troll raiders. When the Scourge attacked, Halamdir was one of the few survivors, his own bloodlust the only thing that saved him from the horrors. When Prince Keal'thas returned, Halmadir became a Blood elf, and remained with a handfull of others in Eversong Forest to reconquer Silvermoon City. It was during this time he met his wife Kalestria. Many years later, he was one of the first who met with Orc diplomats and thanks to Gorvar, knew his true lineage.

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