Hadgar Axehamerer.

Physical TraitsEdit

A Wildhammer Dwarf with a yellow beard and a hearthy laugh.

Race and ClassEdit

Wildhammer Dwarf Gryphon Rider/shaman


Theramore Guard.


Mother: Deceased since birth.

Father: Hadhod (senior), A hunter of some reknown who died during the 3th war.

Spouse: A gnome mage called 'Ademie Gogglewatcher' , deceased.

Offspring: None


Hadgar took his first breath when his mother took her last. Because of this, his bound with his father was strong.

Like his father, Hadgar became a Gryphon rider at a young age, riding a Gryphon whom he had as a chick called 'Falstad', a friend of his. His skills at riding and using a hammer were not the only ones, for the Shaman among the Wildhammers saw though he was not a good shaman, he was able use simple calls/spells and honoured the spirits.

Along with his father he patrolled the domain of Aerie peak on Falstad, killing a Troll warband or so, trading with High elves, and sometimes with humans.

Hadgar met his wife during errands between Ironforge and Aerie Peak (mostly giving reports on the events happening in the 1st war.Though she was no strong well build dwarven female, the Gnome mage's soft giggles and humour amused Hadgar...that and a couple of pints and waking up in the same bed the next day.

Though it saddend his father, Hadgar decided to live in Ironforge with his wife, still transfering errands to his people up North. Though he loved Aerie Peak, he did not mind Gnomeregan or Ironforge's smoke filled tunnels, as lon he was with his wife, he was blessed.

When the Second war came, he was forced to remain in Ironforge and fought with Falstad with the Bleeding hollow under Kilrog Deadeye.During this time Ademie became more reclused, claiming her mage duties were causing it. The painfull truth was she was barganing with the Orc warlocks for power. They only needed her to open the portal. When Hadgar found out, he would not hear any of it and pleaded with her to abondon her quest for power.

Ademie refused, claiming she and him could be crowned Queen and king of Ironforge. When she almost opend the gate, Hadgar was forced to strike her with his hammer, snapping her neck in one blow.

The death of his wife threw Hadgar in a bloodlust haze, in which 50 orcs and trolls died under his shaman onslought. After the war, he enlisted with the Alliance expedition to Outland, concentrating on his work, and booze, to keep his mind of the pain.

He recieveda injury during a skirmish with the Horde, causing him to be send back to Azeroth shortly beofre the planet exploded.

During the years of the Second and third war, Hadgar reamined in Aerie peak, picking up his old life. Allthough he was not happy, he was not miserable either. Intime he became the jolly wildhammer again all knew.

When the Third war came, Hadgar was one of the few Wildhammers to listen to Jaina Proudmoore's warning and fled with her to Kalimdor, where he remained at her side ever since.

Criminal RecordEdit


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