Full NameEdit

Brother Habeus DeMontfort, High Emissary, Abbot

Physical TraitsEdit

An older man with a face worn with age and sporting fine silver hair and beard. He is always seen wearing the habit of his Order.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Priest

GuildEdit Scarlet Missionary


Brother Habeus DeMontort is the High Emissary of the Scarlet Crusade to the City of Stormwind.

As such he leads the Scarlet Mission which is a monastic order within the Scarlet Crusade which provides the High Emissary with the support structure to help him perform his diplomatic duties as the effective ‘Ambassador’ of the Crusade to the diplomatic court of the King. He is the Abbot of the Scarlet Mission.

Further to his duties as the High Emissary, Brother Habeus is one of the Lords Spiritual of the City of Stormwind and holds a seat in the Council of Nobles of the Assembly of Stormwind.



Born in Andorhal, priest of the Light and a Dean of the Chapel of Light of Andorhal.

Family BackgroundEdit

Current StatusEdit

With duties of an ambassador and also the Abbot of his order, Brother Habeus is an extremely busy person and regrets that he is often unable to meet with many of those who have business with him.

Brother Habeus’ affairs are managed by his personal Clerk, Sister Saryah, who attends him during the exercise of his functions of office. All those who wish an audience with the High Emissary are requested to contact Sister Saryah.

The High Emissary holds personal audiences in the Refectory of the Cathedral (Eastern Crypt room) each Sunday before prayers at 19:00.

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