The History of the Spranglebolt FamilyEdit

Born and baptised 34 years before the First War, was Buzgwig of Sprangle. Raised in the depths of the early construction of what's today known as Gnomeregan, by his father Sprangle, and mother Bolt. His mother served the gnomish defense as his father was helping with the construction of the new city. Buzfix wanted learn the ancient techniques of blade mastery and become a Gnomish Blade Master, something that had been extincted long ago. At the age of twelve, the mother died in combat against a furious giant vulture. To honour the lost wife and mother Sprangle and Buzgwig both added her name at the end of their surnames. Buzgwig of Sprangle became Buzfix of Spanglebolt, and his father Sprangle of Tizlebolt. Later on they took on Spranglebolt as their family name, and promised eachother that whatever happened, the family name would always stay.

Twentyone years after the death of Bolt, twin baby gnomes were born under the names of Spinkle and Puck Spranglebolt. And the same year as the first war, and the arrival of the orchish horde, another baby gnome was born under the name of Wyn. Buzgwig died in the war against the Orchish horde, but he didn't die for nothing. His son Sprinkle became the right hand of the tinker.

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