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"CUT IT CUT IT!" Hymm screamed as the infected arm wrenched around in the fountains water. "Ill get it!" Edyith Hit the arm where it met Hymms body sliceing it off. "ARRGH!" Hymm yelled in pain but stoped after Bolvan cast a healings spell. Bolvan picked up the arm and burned it later to stop the infection spreding. He abandoned this task after he heard Vipera yelling over the stone and forgot as he rushed to help her. The Half burned arm lay in the smoing ashes and twitched.

A young warlock wandered over to the remains of the fire and quickly grabed the arm whispering in triumph "Succes! a blood sacrifice! and a good one at that." The warlock blew some stray ashes off into the night and stalked away to the nearest man/dwarf/gnome hole. Water splashed around the warlocks feet as he stepped onto the dry area. Disfigured shadows moved in the distance. "Ah my pets! ill have you a new freind soon enough!". The warlock moved over to a chalcked out pentagram and beckoned over a shambleing minoin. "Ill need you" the young warlock laughed "What an army im going to have!" The warlock placed the half toasted arm in the middle an then raising a silver axe cleaved the former minion "i said id need you!" he giggled as he pushed the minion into the pentagram "Mad they all said! Mad!" The young warlock giggled "he raised a book with a price tag still attached and read the cover: Acme Necromancy. "Ha Ha Ha Hahaha!" the necromancer/warlock began to chant. "Hockety wokety pockety WHACK" as he said this last word he hit the pentagram with a woden stick, "All the ghouls and creeps like that......".

The crazed warlock kept going as fell energies passed over the arm a goo forming under and around it and the Warlock recited the last line. "Im quite mad and love god too make a minion from this Goo!" The goo formed into a humanoid shape but the something whent wrong.

A blast of eneryg blew all the minions in the area to pices and knocked the warlock off his feet sending him sprawling. A naked man steped out the pentagram his right arm Charred and half burned. "Who calls me ?" it asked. The warlock looked up with a grin "I do!" said the warlock, he then pranced around the man laughing "I made a good one i mande a good on-GURK!" This last syllable issued from his mouth as the figure grabed him forcefully by the throaght. "Stop that." the statement hung in the air. "Where did you get this arm?" asked the Deamonised man "Forund it in the cathederal square!" said the warlock best he could. The Deamnic man let out a short bark of a laugh. "So.....the person who had this arm lives...i can feel it." the man froze as if getting a shock and then he grined. "So....little Edward Hymm is he?.....He is me. i am HYMM!" The man looked down at the warlock who dint smile. "What good a warlock are you to not get that joke?" the man snapped the warlocks neck and began to talk to himself. "So....Edwards darkness of anger has given rise to me? i remember....a guardian. she'll never find me now. she has no form!." the creature laughed. "Still....i must cast aside the old Hymm......i am his opposite so no name of his should be mine....i will call myself ....Grymm...yes we should at least hasve a connection!" The newly cristend Grymm looked at the warlocks things. "HA! a rip off magician. fool." Grymm looked about. "well.....lets find me some threads and some energy.....i have a lot of good to undo."

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