Name Edit

Gruftahl Longhorn of the Bloodhoof Clan (aka. Unca Gruft)

Physical Traits Edit

He has alot of scars from his battles. Most of the time you will see him in his battle armor, ready for anything. However, at some times, when he wants a rest from battle you will see him sitting on his trusty rock in orgrimmar wearing his tuxedo.

Race and Class Edit

Tauren Shaman

Guild Edit

Order Of The Wolf.

Occupation Edit

Gruftahl is inlisted in the Horde Army, eventhough he feels more related to Night-elves, then he does to any of the horde races. He sees it his duty to furfill the debt the Taurens owe the Orcs for cleansing there homeland from the centaur. However, while growing up, he has learned that there are just as many good orcs and undead as there are bad Night-elves, and the more he thinks about it, the more he is against waging war against the Alliance.

Family Edit

A big part of his family and tribe got killed by the centaur when he was about 5 years old. After the slaughter, the remaining tribe-members sent him away to Thunder-bluff, where he grew up with his aunt. Aunt Maura passed away when he was 15 years old.

Background Edit

After his Aunt died, he inlisted in the Army, most of all he wanted revenge on the Centaur, which the Horde could provide, but instead of getting sent to kill them, he got drafted for the war against the Alliance. He has fought in all the major battles, and has a lengthy carreer, which gave him his Centurion title.

Criminal Record Edit

Clean, towards the Horde authorities.

Personal Notes Edit

He tries to be a gentleman and a man of his word. When he feels he and his friends are safe he's kind of like a big teddybear. However if he feels himself or any of his close friends threatend, or treated wrong, he will start smashing skulls and ask questions later.
When he was younger he saw his bond with nature as something to draw power from. Recently, however, he has started to use his strong bond with nature as a guide to inner peace. This has caused a change in his allegiance towards the Horde. He has come to the conclusion that Night-elves have about the same goals, protecting nature, and charising it's power. The more he looks at it, the more the war looks useless.

Interesting Facts Edit

He has 'adopted' Morticianne, a little undead girl he met through Camci, as his niece.

Current Status Edit

The more he thinks about it, the more problems he has with his allegiance to the Horde Army. During his life he has learned that there are good and bad people on both sides of the war, and that both have good and bad reasons to fight. His connection to Nature has grown alot stronger lately, and so has his need for peace, however, he has pledged allegiance to the Horde Army years ago, and is a man of his word.
He recently got his heart swept away by a young Tauren druid, Fraelow, the sister of one of his Army friends. After spending alot of time together, he finally got the courage to ask her hand in marriage, to which she said yes. This big new step in his life has gotten him thinking even more about leaving the Army though. A part of him wants to quietly settle down and start a Clefthoof farm, enjoying the peace of the family life, but the other part longs for adventure, war and travelling. As with most things he's done so far, he'll probably just wait and see what the earth mother has installed for him.

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