Name Edit

Gillamyn Greaver,

Dame of Stormwind and High Elder of the Cenarion Guardians

Physical Traits Edit

A well built woman in her early thirties. Peculiar violet eyes are framed by long, bright red hair, and lots of freckles. There are few worry lines, though they too have begun to appear. Though she is apparantly strong and carries her armour with ease, the most striking is the almost tangible aura of fervor surrounding her and the light shining behind her eyes. Most of her clothes, varied in outfit, are made with care and love, but have become well worn with time.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Paladin

Guild Edit

The Cenarion Guardians .

Occupation Edit

These days, Gillamyn's full time occupation is within the Cenarion Guardians, as a judicator and example in times of war. As many of the other guardians, she lends herself as a specialist to other organizations, in times of need.


Mother and Father are still alive, living in Darkshire. No siblings, and no close relation with more distant family.

Background Edit

It took a long and normal, quite boring upbringing to awaken the sort of youthful rebellion the old and wise shake their heads at in Gillamyn. By that time she was already a young woman, and ready to take her journeyman test in her father's occupation, tailoring. Farming, a secondary income for the household, had never been to her liking. In a way that was the start of the rebellion, or at least a mark of that nature, that she would bind her ambitions to the seasons and luck the weather brought. Tailoring provided a refuge, a sense of creativity, but that too was not to be.

Eventually the cup was full, and started to spill over, and a million bubbles burst at once. After a fierce argument, Gillamyn left her home and hasn't returned yet, almost twenty years later. A few early years were spent as a vagabond journeyman, but soon she joined a local militia in Elwynn that struggled against a band of robbers. The robbers, who were few in numbers, and not very well organized after all, were struck down, but the conflict had touched some sense of pathos in Gillamyn, who would more and more cling to the example of Uther, of whom she had heard. A role model for her, she devoted herself to the Light.

Its strength, then, came natural to her and only reluctantly did she join to the taught by a mentor of the Silver Hand, at Northshire Abbey. Her mentor lost his life in a perilous quest, and she didn't look for a new one, but rather took to the road, where she wandered aimlessly, until another vagrant that she had come to befriend recommended her to the Cenarion Guardians, and its Keeper, Illidor, deemed her worthy to join. This order came as a revival of faith, and Gillamyn was strenghtened by it.

In fact she devoted herself to its ideals with a fierce passion, but later came to learn the meaning of the virtues as well as the balance as she grew within herself. Now, several years later, she is a hardened veteran of many battles, both of the field and beside them, in politics. In recognition of her struggles to free the plaguelands, she was knighted without much ceremonies, and few of her peers would see any traces of the old rebellion.

Family Background Edit

The Greavers have always lived peaceful lives, and are known among Darkshire as sensible, practical community members.

Criminal Record Edit

White as snow.

Personal Notes Edit

She has been known to befriend without borders, a tauren as readily as a dwarf, though she has never quite gotten close to any forsaken. Another issue of note is that, though she seldom thinks about it, the violent break many years ago has left a deep scar, and her strongest regret.

Current Status Edit

At the moment Gillamyn still spends most of her time in the field. Small groups of the guardians still stike out at select targets around Azeroth, and the Argent Dawn oftentimes call on her as an advisor.

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