Name Edit

Gerren Coultry/Petty Thief and Thug.

Physical Traits Edit

A large, thick man. Built of muscle. He has a closely shaven head and a large meaty face. He usually dresses in rough, sleevless shirts.

Race and Class Edit

Human Thug (rogue)

Defias Renegade

Guild Edit

The Defias.

Occupation Edit

Defias Thug

Background Edit

Gerren was raised in the backstreets of Old Town.

At an early age he learnt the art of picking pockets,thus helping to sustain his family. Gerren was a fighter in one of the many Old Town fight circles for a while as well as a small time dealer.

In later life Gerren became involved with the Defias, seeing their cause as a great potential for money and action, Gerren joined up.

Criminal Record Edit

Numurous cases of pick pocketing and purse slitting. He has also been convicted for several deaths in bar raids. Gerren spent two years in the Stockades for a failed heist.

Personal Notes Edit

Gerren's speech is rough and slang, his eyes flicker about constantly when he is nervous.

He always carries several thick, throwing daggers hidden in his boots and under his shirt.

When on buisness Gerren can be seen carrying an old and worn blunderbuss slung over his back.

Items Edit

Old Rusty Blunderbuss- Gerren often carries his well worn and familair bunderbuss into fights, slung on his back. It bears no specialness or upgrades. He can fire the gun about three times a minute.

Worn Flintlock- Gerren sometimes carries a worn looking, standard issue flintlock pistol. Gerren can fire the gun about twice a minute.

Selection of Throwing Daggers- Gerren always carries a half dozen or so, steel, throwing daggers, hidden in his boots, shirt and several other places on his person. He is a fairly good shot with them.

Defias Mask- Gerren carries a red, wool Defias Mask. Indicating his fairly low rank. These are a hanging offence to be in posession of in the county of Stormwind.

Current Status Edit

Gerren is currently awaiting orders from the Brotherhood leaders and laying low in one of the Brotherhood's many safehouses after a string of badly pulled off thefts.

Influences in making the character Edit

Johhny Stomp-A typical, large thick hive ganger with a love of destructive and big weapons, women and narcoticts. From "Warriors of Ultramar"

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