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General Theory of Spirit-matter and Arcanum manipulation and it's aplicationsEdit


Basic conceptsEdit

All living or unliving creatures posess a Soul and the body.


The Soul is the most fundamental aspect of the living. It is what thinks, feels, makes choices and controls the body. The Soul is the being itself, while the body is like the shell where it resides. It is possible to speak of two halves of the Soul, the Inner and the Outer Soul.

Inner SoulEdit

The Inner Soul is responsible for emotion, involuntary movement, the basic functions of the body, the subconscious and the very basic nature and instinct of the being.

Outer SoulEdit

The Outer Soul, commonly known as the Mind, is responsible for thought, voluntary movement, rationality, knowledge and consciousness. It is connected with the body and it's functions depend directly on the brain. Therefore, it is the seamless conection between Body and Soul required for a healthy, living being.


The Body is the physical aspect of a living creature. It anchors the soul to the physical world and acts as it's shell. Certain beings do not have bodies such as those of humanoids and beasts: Certain Spirits are anchored by the land itself and the Undead are anchored unaturaly by Shadow Magic.


Souls produce an immaterial,intangible and mostly invisible substance called Essences. These are a manifestation of the Soul's will and act as it's arms and limbs. It is these essences that allow the Soul to control the body, to produce magic and to produce any spiritual manifestation. The nature and properties of Essences depend only on it's objective and on it's power. It makes little sense to speak of quantity in relation to Essences as it constantly dissolves in to nothing and recreates itself.


Arcanum is an intierly neutral energy that exists everywhere. It follows strict properties and laws. Arcanum acts as (..)

The Body is the physical manifestation of Life. It functions almost as a highly complex machine, capable of healing itself and reproducing itself. Once the body is seperated from the mind and the soul, it will generaly cease to function and decompose. The Soul is a Metaphysical manifestation responsible for most subconscious thought, instinct, control of unvoluntary movements and partly responsible for Emotions. It emits the essences, which are indispensable for the function of the body. The mind is the partly physical, partly metaphysical entity that links the soul and body and that is responsible for conscious and rational thought and movement. It is also responsible for differentiating Essences.

Essences is the intangible, mostly invisible material produced by any living creature as a reflection of will or reaction. It is produced mostly by the soul, though it can, in some cases, be produced by the mind or by other essences. The great majority of this essence passes through the mind, where it can be transformed. All essence will act acording to what is was created to do, being capable of complex behaviour that can mimic that of a conscious being. Essences can leave the body, and thus leaving the feild of biology and psycology and moving on to the field of magic.

All magic (this includes druidism, shamanism and Holy manifestation) is controled by a living creature through essnces. In fact, it is the transfer of essence and it's effect over another living being, the physical world or the body itself (here it may be harder to define where normal biology and magic begin and end). But these essences are easily destroyed once they leave the body, and thus require to be transported by arcanum. Some magic, such as teleportation and the creation of portals, uses the properties of arcanum itself.

Arcanum is (dispite popular belief) a completely neutral form of energy with very precise physical properties that obey specific mathematical laws. It can only be manipulated with relative freedom by the use of essences. Any magic that affects anything outside the body of the caster requires a variable amount of arcanum to function properly. Analogy: Arcanum is like a mechanical horse, and the essences the rider. The rider cannot stand alone as he happens to have no feet and the mechanical horse keeps the rider in a comfortable position.

Aplication to general Arcanology, Teology and SpiritologyEdit

Mages (Arcane)

Mage Warlocks (Fel, Shadow and Arcane)

Shamans (Elemental and Nature)

Shamman Warlocks (Fel, Shadow and Elemental)

Druids (Nature)

Priests (Light and/or Shadow)

Paladins (Light)





Aplication in BiologyEdit

Physical Life (Natural, Light, Shadow, Arcane Essences)

Demonic Life (Fel Essences)

Elemental Life (Elemental Essences)


Properties of the Arcanum and it's sourcesEdit


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