Name Edit

Alliancecrest small Lord Gawain Percival Ravensword
Gawain tabard
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Paladin
Age 30
Alignment Lawful Good
Status Alive

Lord Gawain Percival Ravensword Head of House Ravensword

  • Original in-game name - Gawain (character deleted December 2006)
  • New in-game name - Ravensword (character created 13 November 2010)

Race Edit


Class Edit


Physical Traits Edit

Lord Gawain Ravensword is always dressed in fine clothing, be it for the battlefield, the streets of the city or the palace. Most of the clothing he wears bears the symbol of his house - a black raven holding a silver sword in its talons. This symbol is repeated upon the signet ring which Gawain wears on the index finger of his right hand. He is emotionally reserved and is rarely anything but polite and patient with all who he encounters.

Guild Edit

  • Currently not a member of any guild and keeping his options open

Occupation Edit

  • Nobleman

Family Edit

The only child of Lord Percival Ravensword and Lady Mohiam Ravensword. Lord Gawain Ravensword (then Sir Gawain Ravensword) was engaged to Lady Clare Stormhammer from Hillsbrad but the engagement was a political one and was called off when Lord Percival died.

Background Edit

Born 30 years ago in the city of Lordaeron, Lord Gawain Ravensword was destined to follow his father and become one of the Knights of the Silver Hand. Fate intervened though and Lord Percival Ravensword had a vision that foretold if his he and his family remained in the city of their ancestors they would become horrific beings devoid of the Light and life itself. Thinking that this vision related only to his family Lord Percival moved the seat of House Ravensword from Lordaeron to their summer retreat in Loch Modan and he himself took up a position within Stormwind. The years passed and young Sir Gawain Ravensword was taught by the best tutors available to his parents. There was no better tutor of the Light than Lord Percival himself and Sir Gawain Ravensword was sworn in as a squire to the Knights of the Silver Hand when he was twelves years of age.

Shortly after his twelfth birthday the terrible events surrounding the last great war started to unfold. Lord Percival tried to save his order and homeland from falling but as soon as he saw the dreadful plague he knew that the land was lost for ever - his vision had come to pass and though his family was safe Lordaeron was no more. Lord Percival used his grief to ensure that those left living would remain safe and secure. The remainder of his years were spent aiding those in need and teaching the Light to those who did not understand truly what it meant.

It was Lord Percival who sent his son to seek out Commander Minetha Nightingale and to join The Peoples' Militia. He wanted his son not to become an aloof nobleman but a man of the people, one who can look after them. Sir Gawain Ravensword relished the challenge set by his father and worked tirelessly to protect the citizens of Stormwind City.

When enjoying a week of hunting back with his father in Loch Modan, the young Sir Gawain Ravensword became Lord Ravensword in tragic circumstances. Lord Percival was thrown from his horse and his skull was fractured, he died instantly. Lord Gawain Ravensword did not have time to grieve though as the following day word came to the estate that Stormwind City was under siege from the scourge. Lord Gawain Ravensword reported the death of his father to King Anduin Wrynn, swore allegiance to the crown and then became Lord Ravensword and head of one of the noble houses of Stormwind. He then assisted in the battles to cleanse the city of the Scourge.

The death of Commander Minetha Nightingale and certain events surrounding the aftermath of it resulted in Lord Gawain Ravensword leaving his post as Lieutenant-Commander and resigning from The Peoples' Militia itself.

Current Status Edit

Lord Gawain Ravensword returned to the family estates in Loch Modan before setting out for Lordaeron four years ago. He has recently returned from an extended visit to Lordaeron the deatils of which are as yet unknown.

OOC Plans Edit

I will not explain why Ravensword is now less powerful in-game as he was when he went into self imposed exile as in-games levels amount to nothing when it comes to role-play. As far as I am concerned he is just as devout and as powerful a paladin as he was when he ever was.

Many years ago I decided that the secondary family estates of the Ravensword house would be an unspecified area of Loch Modan. That continues to hold true and this is fortunate. It is my plan for the estates to be overrun or even destroyed during the events of the forthcoming cataclysm. This will lend more reason for Lord Ravensword spending so much time in and about Stormwind again. His family suffered the loss of their Lordaeron estates and will soon lose their Loch Modan estates. This will also lessen then nobility status of my character as the wealth of the family was tied into the land and the resources it produced.

Ravensword will be seeking a guild but this is not something I am going to rush into. I need to carefully consider any guild and only one which meets my role-playing needs and which I can provide a service to will be approached. For reasons of IC history I shall not join any city guard style guild. Currently a guild based upon the Children of the Light but without the zealots is what I like. I have time enough for joining though.

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