Garinithar Moonfury

Physical ApperanceEdit


Former Watcher of The Cenarion Guardians


Up until the destruction of Nordrassil: Guardian from within the Emerald Dream.

After the destruction of Nordrassil: Former Watcher of The Cenarion Guardians reaquainting himself with the new forces of the Alliance. Currently: Self appointed High-Instigator of Balance.


Melanyel Sunraze - Thalassian Mage, Ex-Fiancé of Garinithar, killed in the rising of Deatholme.

Celeblas Moonfury - Father of Garinithar; Watchman of Nordrassil, last heard from supporting a Darnassian Envoy to the Eastern Plaguelands two years ago.

Alyissia Darkblade - Mother of Garinithar; Retired Warrior of Teldrassil; currently assists in the training of Darnassian defenders.


Garinithar was born in the now sunken city of Suramar where his mother was working as a trainer to the Sentinels and his father tended to the Ancients of the area. He spent many of his young years in Suramar training to use arcane magic as a Kal'Dorei mage. When the Burning Legion came forth, Garinithar's family and he fled for Hyjal with much talk of banishment of using arcane magics on the way home.

A few months later, as the Burning Legion encroached on Ashenvale, Garinithar found himself in a tight spot, several infernals and succubi chasing him down the border of Ashenvale and Azshara, he was able to subdue some of them, but fell victim to gravity at a peak along the way and fell toward the river. He was saved by a Thalassian Mage who was working at the now Haldarr Encampment in Azshara and was taken in, looked after and slowly nursed back to health. Under a Thalassian disguise, Garinithar lived amongst the Thalassian outpost for almost two hundred years, and fell in love with his saviour. Melanyel and Garinithar's relationship however was doomed from the start as Kal'Dorei and Quel'Dorei interaction was soon banned along with the practice of Arcane Magics by the Kal'Dorei. When the Quel'Dorei withdrew from Azshara, Melanyel and Garin parted ways but kept in contact via various methods.

Garinithar began to take a more active role in the balance and the ways of nature, and learnt much within the Emerald Dream upon his 2,000th Birthday. Up until 9,000 years old he stayed within the Emerald Dream but was awoken with the other druids prior to Nordrassil's destruction. He fought the Burning Legion and the Scourge up until his return to Teldrassil when he began reaquainting himself with his physical body and the druidic powers therein.

He soon joined the ranks of The Cenarion Guardians and began many worldwide travels under their banner, promoting balance, peace and prosperity, ensuring balance quelled all those who stood to oppose it. A year into his time in the Guardians, he killed two humans in Ashenvale, one who so happened to be a high ranking thief, strongly affiliated with the Ravenholdt Rogues and attempted to cover up their death, a blunder at best, for it was essential that he hid their corpses so as to rise to Elder with The Cenarion Guardians. He failed in that aspect and the bodies were discovered by The Cenarion Guardian's Wardens Almalodaka and Cunomaglus. Subsequently he was imprisoned in Starfall Village Barrow Den in Winterspring and his powers were stripped by what seemed to be nature itself.

After deep meditation and a few trades with shady characters, Garinithar was able to restore himself to full power using a series of potions and broke free of his prison. Upon discovery, Cunomaglus exiled him from The Cenarion Guardians without chance of redemption and deemed him 'kill on sight.' After being duly informed, the Cenarion Circle also took on such status in regards to Garin.

He spent weeks evading the Guardians, and in his spare time meditating upon a subtle disturbance in the balance that he found, a streak of darkness, shadow-like that subtily moved across all of Azeroth and Outland. Tracing it back, Garinithar discovered the answer to his problems. An Embrace of Darkness.

Criminal RecordEdit


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