Name Edit

Fredric Von Redcross, also known as "the giant" and "angels claw"

Physical Traits Edit

the most obvoius thing about this man is his unique height, towering over his kinsman quiet easily being able to look at a Kal'dorei woman in the eyes. in his early years his hair was black as the night but due to his age it has become a dark gray, also in his early years he would have had white skin, but now due to his corruption of the shadow his skin is a gray, almost rotting looking colour, her has huge bags under his eyes showing his lack of sleep and a permanent, sadistic grin, making people uncomfortable and wary of him, he also has a very muscular body, both his arms and legs closely resembling a draenei style build in his chest and arms, with think muscular legs and abs making him like a hybrid, his Armour a ask black and very thick,only his head uncovered, in his early years he wielded a Two handed sword, now he wields two Katanas

Race and Class Edit

Human Shadow knight


Amnoria Redcross-wife-dead though Rumoured to be Haunting the Elwynn graveyard

Lithia Redcross -oldest daughter- dead due to a planned killing by fredric

Amy Redcross -youngest daughter- killer of fredric along with Nouala and Xania

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