Captain Mountaineer Fournok Frostbeard

Name Edit

Fournok Frostbeard

He is sometimes called "Dice" because of his small gambling problems and that he knows that even in a bad spot the tables will change sometime.

Physical Traits Edit

Fournok is little taller then the average Dwarf. He wears small golden and bronze trinkets in his beard and he has his ears pierced with golden rings. He has a tattoo on this chest in form of two dices rolling down and Dwarvish runes "The tables will turn". He has even some smallers tatoos around his hole body (They are more like trible tatoos ). He has scars all around his body. He has small green eyes.

Race and Class Edit

Dwarf. Mountaineer, Rifleman (Hunter)

Guild Edit

Mountaineer. He has been recently promoted to Captain rank and now helps Angst with the recruiting of new recruits to the "meat wagon" as he likes to say it.

Occupation Edit

He’s a Ranger so he likes and knows much about the woods and mountains. He is a good engineer and a very-very good cook. He’s not the best angler in the world but he can fish and likes it. Or maybe it is because of that he can cook them afterwards. He really loves to cook and thinks that if the belly’s happy the mind is happy. He´s a new member of the Goblin Experimental Engineering Korporation ( G.E.E.K ).

Family Edit

Fournok doesn’t have a big family. He has some brother and an uncle. Both of his parents, Jouul Frostbeard and Anmilja Stubbes passed away not long ago and left thetrades in Ironforge. Afgater lives in Kharanos and Barathor is gone missing somewhere in Wetlands. His elder brother lives no house they had in Thelsamar. His brothers Nurgin, Barathor and Afgather were all older. and no one knows where his oldest brother is any more; rumor has it that he is dead.

Background Edit

When he was young, Fournok was the black sheep in his family and had problems all the time. But when he was 30 years old he joined the navy. And after the Second War was over he left the military service and wandered around Loch Modan. Once, when he went to Booty Bay he joined a Pirate crew and spent many years privateering. This is where he got his pirate name "Dice". He left the band or pirates after he almost died. Then again he wandered around the lands of the Dwarves and got interested into engineering. It was at that time when Fournok started to get interested of being a cook and worked for a couple of years in a tavern in Thelsamar. He was getting more and more bored and one day he got recruited by Angst Ironboot. He doesn’t pray that much but that happens some time that he prays to the Light before a battle for extra luck. He doesn’t even really know what the Light is rather then hope and luck. And some say that he still´s a small beliver of the old Dwarven Titans.

Family Background Edit

Nurgin was the oldest of the four brothers all and got the house after his parents died. But shortly after he sold it to a blacksmith. The family was not a big one. His only uncle is very old and will not get children any more. And there is no more in the family of Frostbeard then Fournok and his three brothers and the old uncle. And the older brother is there only Barathor that has one baby girl. Frostbeard Clan is considered to have close ties with the Wildhammers.

Criminal Record Edit

Has been a really the black sheep in his family. It started with being a Pirate for some time with a captain called Sharpbeard (He always had a weapon in his beard where ever he went, be it an axe or dagger, hence the name). He sailed under his banner for some time till he left the crew. He once almost got hanged for being a pirate but due to the lack of clues he was set free. He still was whipped a couple of times and scars on his back are still pretty visible. He was seen in some small bar brawls but always had the luck to run away at the right moment.

Personal Notes Edit

Wherever you can see Fournok he wears the uniform of the Brigade he belongs to. He seems to be exceptionally proud of it. Smile can be often seen on his face when he walks around the towns and whistles can be heard when he’s out in the wild. And he is a little shy aginst new poeple that he´ll and can meet.

Current Status Edit

Fournok Frostbeard enjoys the current state of his life. After getting promoted to a very high rank in the Mountaineers 3rd, he feels himself worthy and utterly loyal to the King and the Alliance. He is often seen smoking a pipe, which is filled with tobacco he buys in Booty Bay. Fournok haves gotten married with Hildegarde. He haves been missing for a long time. He was cative under the Orcs and trolls for many months working in the mines in Deolace. After escaping from the orces it took some more months before Founok once again was back in Ironforge. So now he´s trying to win back his love with Hildegarde.

Influences Edit

I´d get much influences to Fournok Frostbeard from onec when I played Bulders Gate II when I´d make a Dwarf Warrior. So there I´d get much of the things like that he´s shy against new poeple. And that he´s a Pirate was only a fun thing that Fournok has done in his life time. But must I´ve gott the most ideas from my own head. And some small things from diffrent movis and books.

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