The First Science Conference of the Royal Apothecary Society of Stormwind was held in Stormwind City's Dwarven Hall, thanks to the generosity of the Ironforge Explorer's League, which gave permission for the event to take place. The beloved mistress of the R.A.S., Lady Lashela Alania gathered together the best minds of the Alliance for an open discussion regarding several topics of relevance and importance.

Originally it had to help, as well, the market of engineering and crafted science, but it had to be removed from schedule due to some bureaucratic misplacement.

The conference topics proceeded as following:

  • Introduction and small speech (regarding the addiction to arcane energies) by Lady Lashela Alania
  • Void - a philosophy on life, by Scholar Lothrain
  • Investigation about Lepergnomia Gravitatis by Professor Berdrin Stormspanner
  • Arcane Pollution, by Scholar Richeron Withamhall

Though there were several more topics to discuss, the Conference had to close at a very late time, for it was not possible for everyone to expose their investigations and findings on such a limited time.

A Second Science Conference is still in consideration by Lady Lashela Alania, and news of it will probably heard soon.

The complete transcription of the First Science Conference can be found in the Royal Library, along with the rest of the Royal Apothecary Society of Stormwind's articles. ( )

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