Lord Fertheron Silverpride.


Physical TraitsEdit

Fertheron is of average height and weight for a human, he is strong and appears healthy.

Head and face:

Medium length black hair. Short black beard. Blue eyes. Four scars from the top of each cheek to the chin.

Body: Wears Black/Red Clothing. Always wears black gloves (to avoid touching peasents / filth) Carrys round a gold signet ring and a Silver Silverpride amulet.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Warrior.


Guild / OrganisationsEdit

The Defias. (Thug)

The Silverpride Family. (Sibling to head of household )





Sarol Silverpride (Brother, Household Head)

Lecelia Silverpride (Sister)


(See Family Background)

Recently arrived in Stormwind.

Donated to State of Stormwind.

Made agreement with Defias, Silverpride's recieve all corpses.

Niece and her private guard attacked, anger with Scarlet Crusade begins.

Bar fight in Pig 'n' Whistle.

Kidnapps Aeowen, tortures her, Nails her in a coffin.

Is caught by state of Stormwind, arrested and put in a cell for a day.

Uses Necromancy to bring Defias member back to life.

Re-captures Aeowen, continues torture. Makes her pregnent.

Releases Aeowen - Time of Insanity over.

Hires Thrandon as a personal guard.

Attacks Aeowen, stabs her in stomach as a precaution to stop pregnancy.

Cursed by a tempory mind spell making him believe he was on fire.

Attacked by Rhelas.

Attacked by Elf.

Purchases dual steel sword.

Helps at Poisened Dagger Tavern.

Purchases powerfull crossbow.

Is offered work within the Defias at breakfast.

Lures a State footman from command centre claiming assault.

Lures state footman into cut-throat alley.

Mugs State footman, takes tabard and hides from patrol.

Found by a Patrol.

Decieves patrol by saying a thief took his gold and fled across the rooves.

Escapes from State of Stormwind patrol.

Begins work under The Defias.

During work at tavern, stops an attempt at assaulting barekeep.

Removes virtue crew from bar.

Recieves injury from Cannonbal - Axe to the chest. -To be updated as happens-

Family BackgroundEdit

Begin practices in Necromancy.

Travelled from Lordaeron.

Lived in Menethil number of years.

Arrive in Stormwind.

Make contributions to groups of power.

Criminal RecordEdit

( * un-dealt with. )

Barfight. = Prison sentance

Kidnapp X 2 *

Torture X 2 *

Mugging X 2 *

Attacking guard *

Member of Defias Brotherhood *

Personal NotesEdit


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