Name Edit

Novice Evaline fernweaver

Physical Traits Edit

A Night elf of a young age (360) she has moss coulered hair and a kind smile.

Race and ClassEdit

Night Elf Druid

Guild Edit


Occupation Edit



None that she knows of

Background Edit

Evaline Fernweaver was a young elf by life exptancy standards. just after the Sleeping druids where awoken in the foolishness of youth she entered the emerald dream. she became lost in the dream and only awoke very recently. she developed a bond with nature as strong as any other and spent time in animal forms more than elf form. cat being a favorite.

Family Background Edit

The Fernweaver where well off while not being as rich or pompus as the Highbornes

Criminal Record Edit

Entering the Emerald Dream from a young age.

Personal Notes Edit

The Forest is Strong With This One.: Fernweaver has a strong bond with the forest and can use the strengh of the Forest to help her. because of this she dislikes anywhere too far from nature. (Like the force.)

Modern world for dummies: Fernweaver is unsure of new tecnology and does not talk common very well.

Cat's Claw Fernweaver uses a claw (Fist weapon) s her weapon as she likes claws compared to other weapons. (note lvl must be gained for it)

Current Status Edit



Well i suppose i can say this charicter is like a jedi in lots of ways. (Forest replacing force.) and uses it to her advantage. she can advance plat growth kill plants off and is sensitive to what happens to the plants. her life force is helped with the force.

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