Name Edit

Professor (retired) Fenwick Francis Fitzwilliam also known as "Fen"

Race Edit


Class Edit


Physical Traits Edit

Fenwick is in his middle fifties. His head is covered with a tirim beard and white, balding hair. He has several lines on his face from his age but his eyes are bright. He is as strong and agile as a young man - the years spent teaching finer points of philosophy, law and culture to nobles rich enough to afford his retainer have curiously not had an effect upon his body.

Guild Edit


Occupation Edit

Stormwind Steward to Lord Gawain Ravensword who is currently missing.

Family Edit

Fenwick has no family living that he knows of. He was an only child and his parents died ten years ago from natural causes.

Background Edit

Born and raised in Stormwind, the only child of a guardsman and a barmaid. Fenwick had an aptitude for scholarly matters as well as an uncanny ability to sense when one of the many mages would happen to walk into the tavern at which his mother worked and his family had lodgings. This ability was the manifestation of latent ability and he was enrolled into the service of a mage upon his tenth birthday. Twenty years passed in the service of the learned mages and then Fenwick set out to make a living for himself in order to keep his parents comfortable in their old age. He started by copying texts and scribing letters for any who would pay and soon made contacts enough to take in students. His years with the mages had not been spent solely upon magical studies and these learned gentlemen had taught his things which few fully understood. In time he received commissions to offer private tuition to the sons and daughters of noblemen - eight years ago he spent time in Loch Modan at the request of Lord Percival Ravensword to educate and distract his young son Gawain Ravensword from the events unfolding around the land at the time. Fenwick remained in the service of Lord Percival for five years before returning to Stormwind.

Current Status Edit

Lord Gawain Ravensword employed Fenwick upon his inheritance of the title to act as his steward in Stormwind so that the King and the Council of Nobles would keep close ties with him. Fenwick took it upon himself to join The Peoples' Militia so that he would better understand what the idealistic young boy he once tutored was now up to with these - commoners.

Though Lord Ravensword has not been seen in Stormwind for two years now, Fenwick is still getting a sizeable monthly retainer paid directly into his bank account. The legal status of his employer is classed as "missing" and Fenwick continues to act as his steward in Stormwind with the blessing of the King.

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